How long is your Long Run? (Read 243 times)



    i have to chant to myself "far not fast" when doing a long run, because I usually just want to get it done with, and find myself turning it into a half marathon tempo or time trial.


    Hey, turning it into a fast finish long run makes it an even better workout.


      Not if I want 2 hours but end up with 1:35 and no desire to continue another 25 minutes...

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        Not if I want 2 hours but end up with 1:35 and no desire to continue another 25 minutes...


        Yes, it's fast finish, not fast start.


          So I ran my longest long run and race ever!

          8M in ~92 mins.


          had a 13min 10k PR in route, although only the 2nd time I've ever run 10k+ in 1:12, first 10k simply was a disaster not a true showing of fitness at the time, but I'll take it!


          Side note, my nipples are hurting! no blood, but ouch, sore, how to fix?


          Had hoped the rain would hold off, as the weather report suggested...

          so just in time for the start it began pouring!


          I ended up running with my rain/wind jacket and a long sleeve tech shirt.

          shorts under some old school Adidas wind pants.

          lightweight gloves


          was pretty comfy the entire race, it was windy and gusty.


          some knee pain towards the end last couple miles but no injuries etc...


          it was rather different running long/race vs. a 5k in that anaerobic zone vs almost all aerobic, definitely easier in some sense.


          feel like my tempo/cruising pace is a bit rather slow but confident of improvements to come.

          ran a 1mi in 7:33, but 5k is right around 30min at the moment. 8M in 92mins. probably need a bit of it all, speed work, tempo, long runs.


          thinking about a turkey trot 5k, but also ready to wind down the racing season.


          Good luck All!

          300m- 37 sec.


            There is no fix that I've found for already injured nipples. They don't even callous up like other skin. You'll need to be careful with them while they heal up then start trying out different things for longer runs (e.g., I use medical or sports tape for anything over 4 miles, have to shave around there). This is why summer is best since you can go shirtless altogether. Smile

              Congratulations PoleVaultMiler! I find that if your shirt gets wet the likelihood of bloody nipples greatly increases. Marylander's advice is solid. Shave hairs around there if necessary, then use waterproof tape, make an "X". Sometimes just some Vaseline on them will reduce the rubbing friction enough. I go shirtless whenever it warms enough. I have considered having the nips surgically removed, but guess that is a bit extreme.

              Slow and steady win the race


              I lost my rama

                So I ran my longest long run and race ever!

                8M in ~92 mins.


                Congrats and great job!!!  Next long run, try putting some body glide on your nipples first.  See if that helps.


                With your 1 mi, 5K, and 8 mi paces, I'd say more easy running volume will help you improve the most.  Good luck in future races!

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                  Congrats on your race.


                  Nips - Another vote for shirtless, but if it is cold, try some bodyglide and/or a different fabric.  I suggest Smartwool.  Also, you might get some conditioning with more running.


                  Speed- I wouldn't worry about it.  Continue to build a base and speed is a nice byproduct.  Try a few strides during your runs to keep things loose. 

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                    sounds like some good tips! Will do!


                    excited for next year/season!


                    may try to do some speedwork/tempo heck some easy and a long run to 2 also, so a lil bit of everything and try to crack that sub 30 5k on turkey day, maybe I'll go out with an all or nothing pace....

                    300m- 37 sec.


                      I'm not training for any specific distance, but I do long runs from time to time. It doesn't happen every month, but when it does, I often run back to back long runs. I call a training long if it took longer than 2 hours, but actually I distinguish two types of long runs: long slow distance and fast finish long run, as Greg McMillan calls them: https://www.mcmillanrunning.com/the-marathon-long-run/


                        Short- 10k and under

                        Medium- 10K to 13 miles

                        Long- anything over 13 miles

                          I'm currently experimenting with adding 5k a week starting at 15k until my long run is 35k. Then starting up the ladder again.

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