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    I am looking for some new and entertaining/interesting podcasts to listen to while putting on some miles.


    I currently listen to Dishing Up Nutrition, The Satellite Sisters, NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.  I would love to hear if any of you have additional suggestions.


    Thanks and hope you all have a great day!

      'This American Life' and 'Car Talk'.


        freakonomics is a good one

          If you like science fiction, Escape Pod.  If you want one in particular, they have All You Zombies by Heinlein up which is easily one of the strangest short stories I have ever read.


          Also, +1 to This American Life and Car Talk. 


          I'm also a fan of Penn Jillette.  His new "Sunday School" show is decent.   Penn Radio was much better, but is off the air now.  You can get all the old episodes here, though.

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          Imminent Catastrophe

            3 non-joggers. Somewhat running-related and fun with an occasional mention of our very own fatozzig!

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              3 non-joggers. Somewhat running-related and fun with an occasional mention of our very own fatozzig!


              Big BIG Fan!!!


              Funny story: I had my Shuffle on while I was cutting the grass last week, and listening to 3NJ. When I came back in the house, my daughter asked, "Dad? Were you listening to 3 Non-Joggers, just now?"


              "Yes, I was. How could you tell?"


              "Because you were laughing to yourself."

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                3 non-joggers. Somewhat running-related and fun with an occasional mention of our very own fatozzig!


                 I'll have to try these, thanks.


                I've been through Trail Runner Nation and Ultra Runner Podcast.  They are both usually quite good. 



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                  If you like audio-dramas "We're Alive" is a great zombie series.




                  Its available for download from iTunes

                    Another vote for This American Life.


                    Also The Extra Mile Podcast is fun. Runners from all over the world submit audio about their training and race reports.

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                      marathontalk.com is good for a running related podcast. They've had some great interviews over the years.

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                        +1 This American Life - Ira Glass is pure unadulterated awesome.  I've listened to, quite literally, all of their episodes.  Best thing on the radio.

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                          Thank you for all of your responses!  Your recomendations are exactly what I was looking for.


                          I've checked out a few already and am looking forward to loading up my IPod with more!