Anyone know any good smoothie recipies? (Read 670 times)

    I'm looking for breakfast I can take with me in the car...

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      I love smoothies. But no recipes. I just throw a bunch of stuff in the blender. Sometimes with yogurt or milk. Sometimes with ginger. Sometimes with fruit juice. I usually keep frozen bananas (you know, all the half eaten ones), berries, starwberries, etc in the freezer. Then when I want a smoothie, I blend what I grab and there you go. One really yummy one is essentially an Indian mango lassie: mango, ice and yogurt blended together. Yum! Another is the pink lemonade: lemon juice, something sweet and strawberries with ice and water. That is great after a hot run.
        Sure do Smile My wife and I have one every morning. Here's our favorite (adapted from Chris Charmichael's Nutrition book): 1 C soy milk 8-10 frozen strawberries 1 banana 1/4 C oatmeal I add in a scoop of vanilla protein powder The oatmeal helps fill you up for longer and has a coconut-like consistancy. The banana is pretty strong when this is made with soy milk-- we usually make this with orange juice instead. Really, there is no science to smoothies... as trent said, just throw things in. Pulpy fruits don't work well. Yogurt is usually pretty good in a smoothie.

          Mmm... smoothies. I think I'll make one today! I don't have any particular recipes (I also just throw in whatever I have around). I like the taste of bananas and strawberries together! YUM! I'll have to try Poose's recipe with the oatmeal... If you have a Trader Joe's store near you, they sell frozen fruit (for reasonably cheap). I'm not trying to plug their company (there are probably other places to buy frozen fruit too), but that way you can throw in strawberries, mango, etc without spending a fortune on fresh produce. What are your favorite combos, Wingz?
            Mmm. I like the idea of throwing in oatmeal. That would be uncooked "instant," right? I was wondering how to get some fiber and protein in there to help it last a bit longer. I considered throwing in some Metamucil but I'm not that brave yet... Blush I've only had desert-like smoothies, such as strawberry-banana or coconut-strawberry. (You can buy a can of coco-lopez (I think that's what it's called!) at the grocery store, usually in the Spanish foods section... very rich and sweet!) I like anything with berries in it! Only problem is when I eat just fruit for breakfast I'm starving like an hour later. Need something a little more substantial, since I've got to make it through up to four hours on whatever I throw in that blender! What about vegetables? I know it sounds kind of strange, but they've got fiber and proteins... Maybe that soy milk will work. I've never tried it. How about tofu if it's blended well? It takes on the flavors of stuff around it when you stir-fry it. Anyone ever try it in a blender? I'd rather not throw meat in the blender... just seems *wrong* somehow... Perhaps it's the thought of drinking meat through a straw... Wink

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              I'm sure you could do vegetables, but it might be a lot like Gazpacho, right? However, they do make smoothies with wheatgrass, etc, so maybe you just have to be careful about how you combine them. I've bought "green-juice" from different health-food grocery stores and it's got some stuff like that in there (although I think it's still mostly fruit). I'm also hungry after a fruit smoothy... I was thinking maybe protein powder is the way to go? I've not tried it, but I'm getting more interested. Seems like a smoothy is the perfect place to add it. They make it from different sources (soy, whey, etc) so I've got some research to do first. Tofu in the blender? Hmmm.... that might be pushing it... Tight lipped But if you try it, let me know how it is! Big grin
                I like skimmilk powder, egg protein powder, frozen banana, frozen berries (especially strawberries) no fat no sugar yogurt, cold water, couple of ice cubes and ground flax seed (for fiber and omega 3 fat,nice nutty flavor) It comes out surprizingly thick. The colder the thicker when blending. Great way to get omega 3 if you are cutting down on meat or are vegetarian.
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                  I have one after workout. 1 frozen banana 4-5 frozen strawberries or a handful of frozen blueberries 1 1/2 cup of skim milk 3 scoops of GNC Triple Berry Mega Whey Protein Mix (Elite Series) This is about the best protein shake mix I've come up with over the years. Very berry, very good and lots of protein for recovery. Warning, this is a very frozen smoothie and is prone to giving you a great brain freeze if drunk too quickly!!!
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                    I love any flavor of whey protein prepared according to the label (generally 1-2 scoops with 8oz. water). Then it's extra good to throw in an ounce of heavy cream and some frozen berries...really makes it like a dessert shake, but with the added protein. Low-glycemic, too. Definitely a perfect breakfast sub, since you have your protein, fats, fiber, calcium, vitamins & minerals...very filling. k

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                      I don't have any that I use, but once, a friend of mine gave me a smoothie recipe book from Restoration Hardware. They sure knew had to present smoothies to make them look like the best thing on Earth. Maybe they still sell the book?
                        Mmmm...I love smoothies. Protein powders work great, I use them in mine. I don't use a recipe either, just throw things in like I do when I cook. I'm aslo a berry lover, so I come up w/ any berry surprise you can imagine. A standby favorite: Frozen Strawberries & blueberries Vanilla Yogurt Juicy Juice Berry juice Berry Protein powder Ice cubes And just a touch of lemonade concentrate for tang Again, I don't use recipes & I think measuring is for sissy's, so you just have to adjust according to taste.
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                          My personal fave is: * 1 Banana * 3/4 Rich Tea biscuits * Cold milk You can also add some choco powder for taste. I do my running first thing in the morning and usually find that when I get home around about 7.00 I am absolutely ravenous and with an appetite to eat anything and everything in sight; however with this smoothie/ milkshake (whatever you call it lol) I dont find any hunger pangs right up to about 2.00 in the afternoon. Not sure if its a good thing that I dont eat anything until then, what with everyone recommending to graze on small snacks, but I tend to eat in when and what my body tells me.
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                            My favorite one that is especially good in summer after a workout is: 1/2 or whole banana (depends on how banana-y you want it) 1 thing of strawberry yogurt (like an individually sized one) 1/2 c. ice 1. orange juice add protein vanilla protein power to make it last Mmm....
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                              Here's one I use. I was planning to add more protein powder next time I make it. It's pretty filling. -smoothie recipe (2 servings, 185 cals each): 1/4 cup oj 3/4 cup frozen raspberries (or blueberries or mango, etc) 1 med banana 1 cup light vanilla yogurt (Light N Fit) 2 scoops vanilla protein powder (I use Aria from Trader Joes) optional: ice cubes