New user with technical and iPhone questions (Read 314 times)


    I have been using Map My Run, and there's supposed to be an option to import files from that.  However, over on their site, the forum says they don't have the capability.  Feedback?


    Secondly, I'm using my IPhone to track my miles with Map My Run, so if I stop using that, I won't have the GPS data (though I have read it's not super accurate).  Is there any other way to collect the data on some other program with my Iphone, since a Garmin is not in the budget right this second?


    I really like the layout of this site, and will enter everything manually if I need, but obviously I would prefer something automatic.


    Thanks so much!  

      MMR is not a good place to store your data because they do not allow you a via method to export your data.  I don't know if they still offer the option, but you used to have to pay their premium member in order to download your data.  To add insult to injury, the data is sparse.  That is, it only has the basics such as date and distance.  It doesn't contain maps.  If you can't obtain a copy of the data, then you're out of luck.  Maybe you can send a feature request to them.  If enough people ask for it, they might listen.  Don't hold your breath though.


      There is currently no iPhone support.  Several users made attempts to create their own but I am not aware of their progress.  I might create a mobile version of the website this fall, which might have simple GPS tracking abilities.  It won't have all the niceties such as digitized voice feedback and such but it should work.


      eric Smile


        Thanks for your response.  I stumbled on this website yesterday by luck actually, and love it. I would happily pay for the mobile version, even if very basic. A digitized voice isn't a must for me, or probably anyone at all actually.