Motion Based forums very helpful, but they're a little tight over there. (Read 747 times)

I've got a fever...

    I've posted a few questions over at the Motion Based forums. (MB is a web-based software platform for GPS devices, primarily Garmin.) The folks over there, admins in particular, are very helpful, friendly, and quick to respond. But I was surprised by one thing. In one of my posts, I said the following:
    Well, the reason I want to do this is that the uncorrected elevation data from my Forerunner is craptacular...
    Or was it craptastic? Anyway, when I checked back in later, I had several helpful replies, but my original post had been edited to read:
    Well, the reason I want to do this is that the uncorrected elevation data from my Forerunner is {not good}
    At the bottom of the post, the admin had added, "Edited for language." I'm glad they want to keep their boards clean, but I thought this was a bit much. A lot too much, frankly. I'm glad that RA users police themselves while not stifling free speech to the point that the board becomes sucktacularly crapulous.

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      well that sucks. Confused guess they are sensitive about people describing their product in non-flattering ways.

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        well that {is awesome}. Cool guess {Motion Based forums are the place to go to get cookies and milk}
        Sorry Joe, I couldn't resist!

        Tick tock


          Runners run.

            Post edited for language.

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              And the above posts (and unauthorized edits of posts) are the reason we keep coming back to RA!
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                craptastic. There. I said it.

                madness baby

                  Sorry, meant to say "craptacular." Jeff, you're craptacular. Wait, that sounds like a compliment! Anyway, keep up the posting over there and keep enlightening us. Smile