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    Jumping right ahead to my question: I am setting a goal of running 13 miles once a week or so, what should my daily mileage eventually be if I plan to run 5 days a week?


    I have read some training plans online but they are a bit more race-oriented and don't quite fit what I have in mind. Here're some info that hopefully help clarify my question a little.


    - I run for general health/fitness. I don't really have running races or hitting certain speed/pace in mind.

    - I'm not asking for how to get there. I'm wondering what "there" looks like? (not sure if I'm making any sense?)

    - I like running easy pace now (thanks to the advises I'd gotten here before). "There" means I can run the HM distance at an easy pace once a week.

    - I don't have a schedule to get there. It can take me weeks or months, it's not a concern right now.

    - Currently I can do easy runs for around 7 miles a couple times a week without keeling over, and runs about 20 mpw. I have tried 13 miles once (took me almost 2.5 hours and I got dead legs for several days afterward), so I know it's a not an unrealistic goal to shoot for...



      Ooh..a story problem.


      I'd say your long run should be no more than 40% of weekly mileage. So roughly your total miles should brobably be at least 32 miles (40 would probably be better). Taking out your 13 mile run, that leaves 20 miles minimum for the remaining 4 days. I'd vary the distances from 4-8 daily over the remaining 4 days.


      Maybe your weekly runs will be rest-4-8-rest-6-2-13, or whatever.


      That's probably the very minimum of your total mileage. Others have a lot more expertise than I.


      But the plan above is similar to what I am getting back to. I am working towards 40-50 mpw average, and longer long runs. I am probably guilty of putting too high a percentage of my miles into my long runs.

        My guess is it doesn't matter.  Training plans assume you're trying to make the most of a week's worth of training--you're just trying to run 13 miles once a week.  There are probably plenty of folks who could do that without any running on the other days.


        Just keep doing what you're doing the other days of the week and gradually extend your long run.

        Runners run.


          Thanks for the suggestions. Looking forward to getting my mpw up!

            - I'm not asking for how to get there. I'm wondering what "there" looks like.




            "There" isn't a vista; it's a perspective. The more you run, the surer your vision.


            And, what Mikey said.


              And also join this RA group for additional support and motivation with that exact goal.