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    Hello! I was curious if anyone out there had suggestions or comments on the myriad of water/fuel belt systems out there? There are several major brands and some I have never heard of, so any information would be greatly appreciated! So far, the following product has been the most recommended: http://www.fuelbelt.com/ Thanks!

      My wife has used the fuel belt and likes it a lot. Personally, the first one I have tried was a water bottle from roadrunnersports which has the water bottle at an angle. I found it very easy to use and had no bounce. I also got a camelback unit which I plan to try later in the week. I think you do need to think about what you plan to be carrying; just water/drink or also gels (some units have an inverted smaller container for gels) or also solid food container.

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        I have used quite a few different options and have a few that I stick with, depending on the situation. Mind you that I sometimes run for hours, which can require re-filling bottles/hydration packs, so a feature I require is ease of filling. I have heard that this is frustrating for Fuel Belt users for two reasons. Smaller bottles require opening more different lids and smaller openings are harder to fill, taking more time. If you are not going far enough to need a refill, the Fuel Belt is great, as the small bottles spaced around your waist tend to spread the load out in smaller bottles. You can also mix drinks, switching from Gatorade to water on one fuel belt. I have had success with 20 oz bottles with either a waist belt/holder, or with a hand strap to help keep it in my hand without requiring me to grip it. I find the hand held is the best option for me during daytime runs, as having it right in my hand is a constant reminder to drink...so I believe the handheld helps keep me hydrated the very best. On hotter days, it is not unusual for me to carry two handheld water bottles. I have used a product called the fast draw (found at http://www.ultimatedirection.com/product.php?page=textsearch&searchstring=fastdraw, among other things) with a lot of success. For night running I want my hands free for a handheld light, so I am more likely to use a camelbak. There are lots of different models depending on your need, I use the MULE, which has a high capacity for water (100 oz) and some pretty good cargo room for extra stuff. Hope this helps...good luck! Lynn B

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          I have several water belts, including a Fuel Belt. the only time I use the Fuel Belt is during long training runs (18+ miles) or long distanced races (10+ miles). The Fuel Belt is comfortable because it's elastic so there is hardly any bouncing. After a little while, you hardly know you have it on. The draw back is all the little bottles. It's tedious to fill them up, and even more of a pain to clean them. They are also notorious for leaking. During all my other runs, I use a standard water belt that holds one 20 oz bottle. It bounces a little because the weight is concentrated behind my back. I prefer the pouch that holds the bottle to be made of a semi-rigid material so I don't have to use two hands to put the bottle back. You should try on the belt at the store. Better still if you can run around with it, with the bottle(s) filled with water. Otherwise, you won't know how it feels until you take it on a run. Good luck!
            Thanks for the replies! I'm going to hit the running store this weekend and hopefully try on a few of the belts they sell. I didn't even think of the hand-held solution! Thanks!