Marathon while sick (Read 466 times)

    Last spring two days before a marathon I have long trained for, I catch a cold: runny nose, a bit of a cough, body aching. Seemed I haven't had a cold for over a year and at the worst time it hits me. Cry It's hard to back out, I've paid registration, hotel room is booked, car is rented, friend is car pooling with me, etc. I decided to go for a complete rest and fluid treatment, do very little, drink a lot of fluids and see how I feel on marathon day. The evening of the marathon, I felt a bit better: hope. On the morning, I felt pretty good: miracle (or is it adrenaline doing it's work). Just a slight cough and runny nose. The race started well, after a mile or so, I had no more congestion. The run was difficult because of hot weather, but I persevered. After the half way mark I started getting tired which is somewhat normal. After 25 km, I started feeling whatever was in my throat move downwards. Afraid of it turning into pneumonia and realizing that I wasn't going to do the PR I hoped to do, I stop after 29km! On my way back home, my cough was more present, but luckily a few days later I was back to normal, apart from being depressed of not even having completed the race. One part of me is saying that I was stupid to have even attempted the run, the other one is saying that I should have finished it at least. Has anyone had got sick right before a marathon? If so, what did you do? Otherwise, what would you have done in such a situation when you've invested so much effort, time even money and things hit you last minute? Would you: a) have raced and finished whatever it took b) wouldn't have been there at the starting line c) other Undecided
      I think you made a wise decision. I ran a 10 miler several years ago with a 102 temperature. After the first mile or two I felt great. Afterwards it turned to pneumonia. I was laid up for several weeks. I trained pretty hard for that run. I was racing against a good friend of mine and did manage to beat him, but he had me licked for the next couple of weeks.

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        While I say that you should listen to your body, I'm a poster child for not doing it. I did a trail race on Sunday, 15 km, and managed to roll my left ankle twice within the first 3 miles, and the right ankle once. I still finished, but I pretty much walked the downhills. Of course, I'm not running right now.....My coworkers and wife have threatened to beat me into unconsciousness if I even think about looking at my running gear.