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    When I used to run sporadically in high school and college, I just bought sneakers at Sports Authority.... whatever fit well and wasn't too expensive. Last summer when I got serious about training, I was running in an Adais trail running shoe (size 9, I normally wear 9-9.5), but not on trails. I liked the shoe, but it did give me some knee pain on longer runs. I went to a running store where they watched me run on the treadmill and taped my gait. They told me I needed stability shoes, and recommended Brooks Adrenaline GTS 6's (size 10). I loved those shoes! They felt so great to run in, like an extension of my body. And they cleared up the knee pain even with increasing milage. I thought all was well... then on an 8 mile run back in November, I got a pain in my right foot. Dealing with that has been a long story, details are in the On The Bench Group if you want them. Anyways, in the process of trying to get rid of my foot pain, I have seen several doctors. They all suggested that I didn't need stability shoes since I have high arches and maybe I didn't have enough cushioning in my shoes. I ended up getting custom orthotics, and the podiatrist that made them said from now on to get neutral/cushioned shoes, not stability ones. I went to a different running shop where they watched me walk/run down the block, but no taping it. I left with a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 2's (size 10.5) back in February. They are nice shoes, but I'm not in love with them. I think they are slightly too big, they feel like they are bulky and clompy, and give me shin splints, as well as that same knee pain on longer runs. Even though they only have 100 miles on them, I think I am going to get a new pair, something just feels wrong about them. I'm currently only running about 15 miles a week, but I hope to increase to 20-25 by the middle of the summer, then start marathon training for Jan. 08. I'm not sure whether to get stability shoes since they felt so good, or cushioned shoes like I'm told to do. I'm going to a running shop again and will listen to what they have to say, but I wanted to get some advice on here first. SO (to finally get to the question Smile): Does anyone with orthotics still wear stability or motion-control shoes? Do you think it's possible that despite high arches I still need stability shoes? I've tried to gage my own running, I think I underpronate usually (all impact on lateral part of foot), but while wearing the orthotics it seems like more of a normal pronation (hit on outer heel and roll towards inner forefoot), but I'm no expert. I've head about cushioned stability shoes, does anyone wear these? What kind do you have and what do you think of them?? Thanks for reading all this! Shaunna

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      I've head about cushioned stability shoes, does anyone wear these? What kind do you have and what do you think of them??
      My very favorite shoes are my NB 1222 (moderate stability...I think Road Runner Sports classifies this shoe as a stability +, because it is a more cushioned stability trainer). They are $$, but cushy and stable. They are also not too heavy, unlike my 857s (which are very stable, but also clunky). I am dealing with some odd arch issue on my right foot (PF or tendonitis, I think), but I'm pretty sure it's not the fault of my shoes, as I happily have run 2 10 mile races, a HM and a 25k with no abnormal issues with these shoes (my issues started in my least stable shoes, my 767s). I think the Asics Kayano is a similar shoe. I know a lot of folks really like that shoe, too. I find that my 857s or my 767s with stability orthotics make my outer sore arch area feel better, but at the expense of my legs (shins, calves, knees hurt). My overall comfort is definitely best in my 1222s. They are the shoe I keep coming back to. Just how stable are those Brooks you had and loved? Maybe a very mild stability shoe would be perfect for you. k

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        I'm not sure whether the Brooks are considered on the motion-control end or cushioning range of stability shoes, but if I had to guess I'd say they are towards the more-stable end. Everything I've read says they have lots of cushioning in the heel, but not much in the forefoot. The Mizunos I have now are supposed to be a mix of stability and cushioning, which should be perfect, but I guess they're just not the shoes for me. I will ask about the NB 1222 and Asics Kayano when I'm at the shop... thanks!!
          My dh ran in the Mizuno Wave Inspires for awhile but they were more stability than he needed and caused him terrible shin splints and other assorted aches and pains. Mizuno classes them as a moderate stability shoe according to their website, not particularly cushioning. Most Mizuno's aren't big on cushioning because they are going for lightweight. I've been running in Mizuno Wave Elixer's but since I'm thinking of a full marathon this fall, I'm running in their Wave Creation right now. It's a neutral/cushion shoe and I really like it. It is clunkier than the Elixer but you're gonna get that when you give up the lightweight for the cushion. But then I like the way Mizuno's fit my narrow feet. If you like the way the Brooks feel, why don't you try a pair of their neutral/cushion shoes? The Brooks Gycerin and Brooks Radius are both cushioning. The Brooks Burn is supposed to be lightweight and cushioned. They might fit more like what you remeber the Adrenaline's fitting. When you buy shoes, do you take your orthotics with you? If they change your level of pronation then it wouldn't do any good for the store to analyze your gait without them. Go in and explain your situation to them and they should be able to show you a cushion shoe in every brand. That's what I did last time. :-) I really like the feel of the New Balance I tried on too. I think I'm going to try them next time. Here's a website someone sent me to help find a pair of shoes. Just enter a little info and it suggests soem shoes: http://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/product/shoe-dog.jsp?bannerImage=footer_shoe_dog Teresa
            Thanks Teresa! I didn't have the orthotics yet when I bought my last pair of shoes, just OTC ones, but I am definitely going to bring them tomorrow. That website is interesting, it actually says I need stability+ shoes too, but I think if the store recommends cushioning, then I will go that route. That's a really great idea to try some neutral Brooks on. I was thinking about this and actually pulled out my old adias cushioned shoes for a run this morning and right away I noticed that they felt lighter, smoother and like it was less effort to run in them than the Mizunos (less shin splint pain too). They don't have a removable insole, so I didn't wear the orthotics- I did have some minor knee pain towards the end, but my foot felt pretty great during the run. I bet cushioned/neutral shoes with the orthotics will be great. Basically I'll do whatever the guy at the store recommends. Thank you Smile