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    I've been using the Vista sidebar gadget that a RA user made a few years ago.  Yesterday afternoon it stopped working. I've attached a picture of what it looks like now. If anyone has any ideas what happened and how I can get it back I'd appreciate it.  Bob




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      I see the picture didn't work either...double fail!


      Ok figured out the picture link.

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        Having the same issue.


        Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit, Service Pack 2

          I'm the guy that wrote the Vista sidebar gadget and the iGoogle gadget.  They both worked by parsing the HTML returned by RunningAhead's "Stats Scripts" (accessible from your Training Log's Tools page).  The format of the HTML returned by the Stats Scripts changed on Thursday night due to a RunningAhead update, so now my gadgets aren't working any more.  I've got it on my list to rewrite them, but I can't promise when I'll get around to it.


          Since the Stats Scripts return HTML not XML, I'll always be at the mercy of formatting changes in the HTML.  Trying to parse the data out of formatted HTML is fragile.  I wish Eric would support a "?xml" option for each of the script URLs, so I could get back just an XML payload (i.e., the data without any formatting).  Then I could safely display it how ever I want it.  But I know Eric's wish list is pretty long too, so I've never bothered to ask before.  The format of the old Stats Scripts HTML stayed stable for four years, so it hasn't been an issue until now.


          Eric, if you're reading this, please add an option to the script URLs to return XML data instead of formatted HTML.  Then my Windows and iGoogle gadgets can consume the RunningAhead URLs like web services rather than trying to parse HTML.  Or if you prefer, I'll happily send you the source code for both gadgets if you want to update them and release them as official RA gadgets.  I'm all for reducing my work load. Smile

            I watched a lot of football this weekend, so I updated the Windows and iGoogle gadgets between plays.  I've submitted an updated Windows gadget to Microsoft, but it can take a couple of days to get through their official channels and be made available for download through the Windows Live Gallery.  In the meantime, you can download it directly from my website at http://www.menees.com/Files/RunningAheadStats.gadget


            The latest iGoogle gadget is at http://www.google.com/ig/directory?type=gadgets&url=hosting.gmodules.com/ig/gadgets/file/100283925204794561425/RunningAhead-Distance-Totals.xml


            Let me know if there are any major problems.  I know the Latest Workouts output can be clipped off at the bottom, and I've seen a case where a custom title doesn't render correctly on the first Refresh.  But I'm just living with these issues for now.  Eric and I are having a side conversation about an API to get the data directly (minus formatting), so hopefully I can release a more robustified version in the future.

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              Thank you so much for doing that!  I never noticed how many times I looked at it during the day until the data wasn't there.

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