Stabillity shoes vs Orthotic insoles (Read 24 times)




    I went to a running shop after developing runners knee with my first pair of running shoes, because I found out that I was serious  about running. I am a moderate pronator. Now I have been running for 4 years in their suggestion  the zoom structure of nike, but they don't make them anymore. Good shoe's but hard for those longer distances. And every time I got to 25 K, I got prone to injury's.  Tried the hurricane from saucony  on my own accord. Felt heavenly soft underneath my feed, but maybe they were to soft 'cause they made my knee flare up again.


    Now I am wondering what the best course of action is: going to the running store and let them advise me another stabillity shoe or go for customized orthotic insoles? Is something customized in theory better for every individual situation?


    My goal is to train and increase my distance.


    Any advice?


      I got better advice on shoes and insoles from a running store than from a podiatrist.  The podiatrist wanted me to get orthotics.  The running store recommended a different shoe, different insoles, added metatarsal pads to the insoles, and specified exactly where to place the pads.  The foot problems were solved for much less than the orthotics would have cost.