How do I upload backed up training log data from RunningAHEAD back to RunningAHEAD? (Read 76 times)


    In the RunningAHEAD training log, when I go to upload my data there is a drop down menu for which website I am uploading the data from. The backup I have is from RunningAHEAD, but that is not one of the options. The file type for my backup log is XML. I tried picking one of the drop down menu websites that says XML format but RunningAHEAD will not upload it. I confirmed that my XML file is working too. Not sure how to get RunningAHEAD to accept my backup file.


      Here's some more background since I haven't been able to figure this out yet. When I transferred from classic RW log to RA log, it did not transfer over the full data for my Weights workouts. I saved them manually from RW to Excel and used a macro to write an XML file (in RA's format) for them that I could upload to RA. However, I can't figure out how to upload this XML using the RA uploader tool. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

      eric :)

        Hi bhersch2,

        I apologize for the delayed response.  There is no importer to import RA data.  I have plans to add it, but it will not be available for a while because it would be less work to update the internal data storage format first.


        The easiest way to import weights is use the Custom CSV format.  Just make sure everything is correct before you save the imported workouts into your log.


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          Hi Eric,


          Thanks for the info. I did check out the Custom CSV format file but it does not have columns for the "Weights" strength training exercises where you put in your exercise name (e.g. push ups, pull ups), number of reps, number of sets, weight, weight unit, and notes. Is there another way to add that data in to upload it?


          I noticed that this information is saved when I download my RA XML backup file however. So I took my old strength training data from RW, transferred it to Excel, and wrote a macro to put it into the same XML format. I have a lot of old data from RW and was looking for a way to upload it to my log.