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    Hi all, beginning about 3 months ago my left knee began buckling.  Running any long distance would not bother me at all, but when trying to sprint, my knee would give out.  Also when squatting down or kneeling I would experience a sharp pain when standing back up.  After seeing a PT, he determined that I may have a grade 2 PCL tear (likely from a minor car accident in April) and was referred back to an orthopedic who ordered an MRI that came back negative. He sent me home with some strengthening exercises and gave me a steroid shot in the knee.  My knee has slowly been getting better since I switched my shoes about 2 months back and have been skipping leg day at crossfit, but having the MRI come back negative has me baffled.

    I run about 15-25 miles a week and do CF 2-3x a week.

    I was running with the Kinvara 2 12.5

    Went to a Kinvara 3 12 Wide

    and switched to the Kinvara 4 Size 12 a few months back

    I primarily run on the road and occasional sidewalk when I have to.


    Anybody have anything similar going on?

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      I've been running off and on for over 40 years now and have experienced numerous knee issues (including buckling and inadvertent hyper extension events), especially when getting started after a long layoff.  In virtually every instance I found by backing off the speed drills for a while and focusing on logging more baseline "Long Slow Distance" (aka. LSD) miles, the knee issues took care of themselves.


      It sounds a bit like you many need some more distance either just "because", or as an aid to help finish recovering from the car accident.


      Keep us posted on how you make out.

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        Try using a patella support.

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