Pre race rituals? (Read 458 times)

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    Does anyone out there have any pre race rituals they would like to share? Suck as pre race meals, etc... Mine is that I have to watch "Fire on The Track, the Steve Prefontaine Story" before a race. My wife says it is depressing, but It has the same effect on me as 'Rocky", it pumps me up.

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      I make sure I finish my coffee a good 90 minutes before the start of the race (same for regular training runs, too)...never have had to use a port-a-john yet! Big grin k

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        I go to a sandwich place called "The Honey Hole" for a sandwich and a dark beer every night before I race (unless I'm racing out of seattle in which case I have a sandwich and a beer elsewhere). I'm actually working with the Honey Hole right now on getting a jokey-joke sandwich/beer sponsorship.