Anyone here run a HM in 2:30 or more? (Read 976 times)

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    My HM PR is 2:31:36, and I'm danged proud of it!  I'm running another one in April, and I will be slower.  But I'm 50 and healthy, in large part due to my slow running.

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        I think my first HM was close to 4:15-4:20, but got revenge on that course the following year with a 3:4x. I think it had about 3500+ ft of uphill and about 2000ft of downhill (across a mountain pass, avatar is from that race).


        If I were on a course with better footing, flatter, and nothing to take pictures of, I'd probably be in 2:30-3:00 range. (I've done a flatter race with gorgeous scenery (many pictures - we only live once day) in the heat and was on pace to finish under 3 hrs except the course was 1/2 to 1 mi short, iirc.)

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          I think you will find the half both a physically challenging and a rewarding experience.

          There are lots of nice people to share the experience with and a spirit of mutual encouragement is common among runners towards the middle and back of the field.

          Since your log is public I took a peek and could not help noticing you are not preparing for your event- if you want to improve you know what to do.


          I've been dealing with an injury, but thanks for your concern.  I am working on getting back out there, and my 12 week training plan (I think I'm following Higdon's Novice 2 with a little tweaking) will begin in Feb. 

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            I think you're overthinking it.   Just work on building up your miles and your finish time is what it is.  Good luck.

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              My first HM was 2:24. I was very conservative and didn't push much, ran it almost as slow as my long run pace (which would have meant a 2:35 finish). I had a good time, finished ahead of lots and lots of people, and wasn't any more beat up than I was for my long runs. My number one goal, other than finishing, was to run the whole way, and I did that – didn't walk a single step and I was very happy about that.

                I coach for a local Fleet Feet and I've been coaching a half marathon group the last 1.5 years.  I'm always with the run/walk group.  Several in my group take close to three hours to finish.  These same people continue to sign up for the group because they love getting out exercising and finishing the races...no matter how long it takes.  It's all about finishing.  2 hours or 3 hours, who cares?  There will be plenty of people sitting at home when you're out training and then finishing your race.  Keep up the good work.

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                  Di, hope your injury is getting better.


                  I echo what everyone else said. Just get out there and have fun. And even if you are 2:30+ I

                  guarantee you will be proud of your accomplishment and you will have lots of company

                  with other great folks having fun!


                    Yay Diana!!!! How exciting! When is your HM? I'm freaking out. I haven't ran a good run for a month Sad and my HM is May 5th.




                      I ran my first half on December 9 and finished in 2:55.  I was really happy to finish in less than three hours.  Of course, to give some perspective, my DH finished in 1:43 at the same race and had plenty of time to go back to our hotel room, shower, change, and return to the finish line to see me finish.  If I think too much about that fact, I would feel bad about how slow I was, but instead I focus on the amazing accomplishments I have made in the last year of running.


                      Run your own race, Di, and be proud of what you accomplish.  I guarantee that no one is worried about your time except for you.


                      Good luck!  Smile



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                        Last place in the 2012 Whistlestop half marathon was 6:10:52.  I saw him at about mile 10 of the half marathon, and he looked like he was moving in slow motion.  But he kept going until he finished.

                        Don't call me Buttercup!

                          Yay Diana!!!! How exciting! When is your HM? I'm freaking out. I haven't ran a good run for a month Sad and my HM is May 5th.


                          My HM is the same day. =)  18 weeks to go!  Eek. =)



                          Thanks, everybody.  Right now I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to build up my mileage without killing myself.  Oh, well.  13.1 or bust. =)

                          Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to! 

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                            I finished my first HM in 2:33. The good news about being slow is that there's tremendous room for improvement. I ran my 2nd HM 7 months later in 2:13.


                            You'll do great, Di. And you will love getting that medal at the end. Smile



                              When I first started running, I said I'd never run a HM, because I'm pretty slow, and I had no desire to spend 3 hours running (unless, of course, I magically got fast and could cover the full 26.2 in that time).   Almost a year later, I've changed my tune, and despite my slowness, I've signed up for a HM.  


                              Now, though, I'm wondering if I'm crazy.  Has anyone here run a HM that took over 2:30?  Maybe even closer to 3 hours?  I'm just wondering how the experience was.    




                              Yes, 1 one was 2:31. I was 13 weeks pregnant, had to stop 5 times thinking I had to pee and ran a bit slower because I was afraid that I would pee. Second one was 2:36, I was just a week from 6 months post pregnant, over trained a still recovering body and tore either my groin or upper/inner quad muscle and limped pretty much the whole race. The year I have 4 HMs, first one is Go! St. Louis Half which supposedly has a lot of hills so I don't expect a PR although I am hoping for a close to 10:30 minute pace (negative split).  2nd one is the Cincinnati Flying Pig Half, I don't really know much about that course so eh. 3rd is the one I've ran twice now and I expect a decent PR, under 2:20 and my 4th race will be the Indy Monumental Half which I heard has a great course so I will be expecting another PR under 2:20 (crossing fingers).

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                                Well done on signing up for your first HM! I did my first HM last year in Disney and it was great!


                                Just getting your milage up is the biggest key. I wouldn't even worry about time for your first race. Start slow and finish strong. Your time will be what it is and you can use that as a stepping stone if you decide to do more HM. Just finishing, whether your time is 1:20 or 4:00, is an accomplishment to be proud of!


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