Is my goal for 1.5K/5K realistic? (Read 99 times)


    Hi everyone,


    I'm back at running after 20 years of mainly cycling, and interested to hear what you think would be realistic.  I have never trained for running so have no idea of what is possible.


    I'd like to participate in a 1.5K and/or 5K race by mid 2018, but need to qualify by the end of 2017 with a time of 5:00 for 1.5K and 20:00 for 5K.  I'm 39, 193cm and currently 97kg.  A realistic lean weight for me is 80kg which was my weight 10 years ago.


    My total training has been so far 6 runs of 4.3km (since 4 weeks ago).  I can now run 1.5K in 6:10 starting completely cold without a warm up (pace 4:08 min/km), but this is a 100% effort for me.  The total 4.3km I'm completing in 23min (including the 1.5K effort and including some walking to recover).  I can probably complete a 5K right now in 25min if I did not run so fast for the first 1.5K.


    I'm planning get back down to 80kg, and to run 2-3 times a week max, 1-2 easy (5:00 pace) and one hard effort (intervals etc.) of 25mins each.


    You think getting there by 6 months is realistic?  I just find it difficult to believe I can maintain a pace of 3:20 for 1.5K or a 4:00 pace for 20 minutes.  I used to always just run at a pace of 5:00 for 30mins to gain fitness for field hockey.



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      Six runs in 4 weeks isn't going to show you what you can do.  Twice a week is not going to get you peak results. Cycling is not running - different wear on the body - so until you start running with some consistency, it's hard to know.


      Make your log public and post your runs to it. You'll get much better feedback if you give people something to look at.

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        Thanks.  I'll see how I go for the next few months.




          Hey! so I know I'm a little late to reply but I'm curious as to how your goal is going 5 months in! As a response if you're still no there yet, I would really recommend amping it up to 3-4 workouts per week. the general rule of exercise is 1 workout per week to maintain or lose muscle, 2 to maintain, 3 to slowly build and 4+ to see results! also, the 17 kg weight loss would come a whole lot from the kitchen, and not so much from the running, good for you for having such amazing goals!.