Garmin 610 (Read 82 times)


    Went for a run tonight. But when trying to upload my run keep getting the message there is no new data to upload. Has anyone experienced this before?






      Not sure what I did, but I got it to work. Still wondering what the issue was..thanks





        If your Garmin hasn't connected with the ANT agent yet, you will get that message until it does.

          The problem is with the Ant Agent.  Sometimes its data file is corrupted and it would report there are no new workouts.  If this happens again, go to the Ant Agent folder in your user directory and delete the only html file you see in there.  Reset the GPS by holding onto the Mode and Reset buttons for several seconds.


            Issue is synchronizing with the ANT Agent. I've tried removing the Garmin Wireless Stick and connect again with no issues. You can also, disconnect the ANT Agent from your computer and start it up again.


            Hope that helps.