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    i think i pulled a muscle in my right buttocks, whatever it is it kills to run with ive gotten some opinions from my coaches, just wondering if anyone else has any ideas of what i could do to get on a fast track to recovery
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      I had what sounds like a similar injury. It was a muscle with a long name and when it became swelled it would lay against a nerve and cause pain not only in the buttocks but in the leg. I did see a doctor since at the time I was training for a marathon which I ultimately was not able to run due to the injury. I went to physical therapy and they also gave me a variety of stretching exercises. To be honest I am not sure any of it helped. It cleared up pretty much in about 6 weeks from the date it began. I am 48 so depending on your age it may get better quicker for you. While it was injured, I found that ice after runnung and Alleve seemed to help although there was about a 2 or 3 week period where I simply was not able to run. I have also at the advice of the PT people been applying heat to that area even after the pain has left for about 10 minutes each night. For me those things seem to work. Good luck to you.

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        If it's a piriformis muscle injury, there is lots of stretching that'll help. If it won't get better over time, some docs do botox injections to make it relax.

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          There's a way better answer than mine in the health thread...someone's right cheek hurting & several good replies. HTH.

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            Please send a picture so the ladies here can diagnose further Smile