Running after unemployment (Read 582 times)

    I got a digest email from runners world today and one of the questions they answered and chose to highlight was a guy who wants to know what kind of job he should look for that will give him time to continue and increase his running.


    Perhaps I'm being overly critical but it struck me as unusual.  mmm, get a job that enables you to afford to enter the races and pay your other bills?  I'm wondering what kind of answer he was expecting, like there's a magic job out there that marathon runners have.  People highlighted replacing TV with running, sheesh.  Or maybe he's thinking we all run at lunch or at 4am?



      "It's quite possible to work a full time job and still have time to train for marathons."


      Really??  is anyone here at RA employed??

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


        For the record, it's not like this was posed to the people who manage/write for Runners World and it was answered by the magazine.


        This was posted in RWOL (their forum.  Like runningahead) and people chimed in.


        Some answers are perhaps better than others.


          we're on the same page.  My point was that they chose to highlight it in the targeted emails they send out.  Like their question of the day was so common they wanted to showcase it.


          I don't know if I'm the minority here, but I think about my next run right after I run, and spend countless hours documenting runs and planning for runs.  Given a 40 hour work week, I wouldn't want to guess how many hours I'm more focusing on running.  While I'm actually running I think about work, so I guess that is something. 

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            I don't see anything all that unreasonable about the question.  If I were responding to it, I would suggest that the OP target fitness friendly companies.  There are companies that have good onsite fitness facilities and even outdoor tracks and encourage lunchtime workouts.  Other companies have a culture where they expect everyone to be chained to a desk and have no outside interests. 

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              it's an interesting side that I didn't consider. 


              Thinking back, my first job was like that, long hours sitting in front of my desk, no time off when sick, etc, and it was a time where i exclusively ran on a treadmill.  If I was watching TV I was also running because I didn't have the time to separate the two.  I think people get into such a 'telly time' habit that they dont realize how much time they're wasting. 

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                Friends in the Army seem to have a _lot_ of free time for PE activities.  In fact, working for the govt (as a civ) on some bases and they'll actually pay you to exercise (2hrs a week of your 40, I think).

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