Swimming with box jellies and man o' wars (Read 828 times)

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    The news reports are irritatingly incomplete and contradictory.  I really want the details.  Some mention sharks (but what does that mean?  No mention of sharks in her blog).  They talk about the box jellyfish and how they were such a problem in the past and all she was doing to protect herself form them this time, but I don't remember any mention of them last year.  Just the man o'wars.  This time, no man o'war problems, but nine jellyfish stings  I read a couple of times that she lost 6 hours of swimming to being blown of course in the squall yesterday, but I just now read she was actually pulled from the water for hours during that storm.  Why wasn't that mentioned before?  


    This morning the reports said the hypothermia + jellyfish stings were what caused her to stop, but now I read there was another storm that posed safety risks to her and the crew and caused her to be pulled from the water a second time.   And to add to the frustration, every time I mention the swim to a colleague, they look at me and say "who?"  

      Sounds like she was angry about having been pulled out, too.

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

        I actually was in Key West and saw her today. All things considered, everyone involved looked pretty good. Obviously, the media swarm was big enough that I didn't too close. I was in the water yesterday and got stung too, but it wasn't a box jellyfish, so I just had to drink beer to make myself better.

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          mamaofthree: man o' wars are a type of jelly, they have a same type of stinging cells. 


          Sounds like the final blow was more stormy weather, and it got bad enough to be a threat to the crew. Some more details here, also has a brief explanation of some of the rules. Apparently the reason her lips look so puffy in the pics is that they received some jelly stings. Ugh. 



          I couldn't find how far she made it, but apparently it was farther than an attempt she made almost 30 years ago. She can hold her head up high. 


          mta: from her blog today


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