I need a good intermediate training schedule, has anyone got one (Read 744 times)

    Confused Just joined the forums. Have been running in the gym for a while on treadmills about 3 milers. Last April started an 18 week marathon training schedule, just to see if I could do it - not a race, just the mileage for the achievement. I failed, the furthest I got was about 15 miles and realised that my legs were probably not ready for it. Actually had pain in my hip more than anywhere else, not severe but found it hard to sleep after long runs (9+). Anyway have given up on the idea of 26miles but would like a training programme for weight loss/maintenance, I need a couple of rest days per week as I also do a martial art (www.cssdsc.co.uk - check it out it is a great self defence system). Does anyone have a sort of intermediate running programme, say about 25 miles per week. Thanks - by the way this site is really good


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      Welcome! Smile I haven't been following any sort of training regimen, just increasing the amount of time I run each week by about 10%. My goal is a half-marathon in late Oct. Right now I'm up to about 8.5 miles for my long run. I do one long run each week, a couple of shorter easy runs, and a hills/tempo/fartlek/speed workout. Once my son is back in school I hope to do 5 runs/week. This Winter I would like to maintain weekly mileage of 25 miles or so divided between 4-5 runs. If the full marathon is too much, maybe you could train to run a half? There are a few of us here doing that. Come join us: http://www.runningahead.com/groups/hmt k

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        www.halhigdon.com has a bunch of training plans... maybe the Intermediate spring training program is what you want: http://www.halhigdon.com/spring/Springinter.htm That's around 25 mpw. I think everyone over-emphasizes the whole endurance running thing, but don't give up on the 26 miles yet. I ran for 4 years before trying the marathon distance. The better the foundation you have, the more fun you'll have. I never hit the wall and felt great for that first marathon. That said, running a marathon doesn't make you any more "healthy" than training hard for a 10K. Pay attention to your body (hip) and try to get some trail running in your routine (if available).
          hey poose. thanks for the site info ,was great help to me to set up a program for myself. have my goal set on a 1/2 to full marathon in Duluth next June so hoping to use his program this spring. Smile