Filter data for graph (Read 405 times)


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    RunningAHEAD is a wonderful website for keeping track of my training data but I still miss one thing regarding the workout graphs.


    I wonder if it's possible to filter data in a way that I see only certain kilometers of my run or a smaller pace area. Eg. I did a long run recently (no lap times taken) and wanted to analyse what happened between kilometer 3 and 5 (X-axis). As my pace was somewhere around 5:30 min/km I also was not interested in the parts of the graph (Y-axis) that shows me 4:00 or faster and 6:30 or slower.


    It would be great if I could set my own boundaries for viewing data even if there are no lap times recorded on the watch (Garmin ForeRunner 405).



    Keep on the good work!


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      I use a commercial graphing package to do the graphs.  I need to look into whether it is possible to refine the label intervals.