Are these "Electronic GPS Devices" more harm than good? Lets talk Devices. (Read 250 times)

Barefoot Jeff

    I am a pretty new runner. I dont have to worry about 40mile runs. But before I bought my Garmin, knew that 8 hours was a limiting factor, just not for me. - User Error seems the best response to this complaint.


    • Are GPS 100% accurate? No. If its unacceptably inaccurate, dont use it / return it. Mine tends to under-estimate distance most times which is great IMHO because during a race, I am often pleased.
    • Ive gotten to the point where I can tell if a 1/10th seemed too short.
    • I love being able to track my progress over time with little work. I walk in the house and it auto-uploads. (while Im looking at the clock on the wall)
    • Your new watch cant keep time? That is not normal. GPS watches use 4 Satelites to correlate position and the only way for them to be accurate is for the sats to be on the same exact (correct) time.
    • Different models deal with pace during a run differently. My Garmin uses cumulative data. So, first 1/10th is less accurate than last 1/10th.
    • Wrong distances. (1) Not all races are certified. Even those that are will have variations of what is measured from what you actually run. http://www.usatf.org/Products-/-Services/Course-Certifications/USATF-Certified-Courses/Procedures-Manual/The-Shortest-Possible-Route.aspx  (2) Not every runner starts / stops their device at the correct location during a race. I generally prefer to start close to the start, but before I cross that line. I personally tend to stop GPS within a minute of crossing the finish. More focused on performance and finish face.


    Thank you all who have explained all the ways to run without GPS. I dont look at my GPS too closely, but since my life is hectic, I need to know if I am 2 or 4 miles away from my start because I need to get back, shower, and do something else. Also, when I run, my math gets fuzzy sometimes. So I have easily mistaken being 2 miles out as 4 or vice versa. GPS helps with that.


    I have also used GPS to help me find my way back when trying out a new route. My phone GPS works, no map on my watch, but it does have a direction and distance to return to start.

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