Fast Half Marathon? Elevation Pref? OUTnBack? (Read 29 times)

    Do any of you out there know of a fast Half course in the greater Chicagoland area?


    I looked at some of the other popular local ones, but don't really know if any are known to be faster than others, did notice some elevation changes on the others that might be bridges etc... even if not long hills, still rather steep in certain sections.


    Also would you rather run a HM with say 250ft up and 250ft down, vs. 350ft up, and 450ft down for a net loss?


    Also do you like, hate, don't care about OUT and BACK type races, ie., HM?


    I found this one, how's it look to all of you? Has anyone ran this one?




    Course & Elevation




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      I look for the flattest race I can find. I've done the Atlantic City half and the only elevation change seems to be the ramp when you leave the boardwalk to get on the road.


      I've done a handful of out and back courses. I don't mind them for the most part and I'm sure it makes it easier to manage as far as water stops. That said, they can be AWFUL if you get a windy day because you might get 6.55 miles straight into the wind.

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        There’s a big one in September downtown.  https://www.chicagohalfmarathon.com.  Ran that course couple times a ways back when race was different name.  Flat, you got the whole road and one way, also nobody coming at you.  And corals. It is right next to the Lake wind might be issue, didn’t notice it though. Lots of Suburburban half’s, St Charles (Fox Valley Marathon in Fall has a half, http://www.fv26.com , runs down loops back up along the river, did a full there was well organized ), Naperville, Northshore has a couple but I don’t know details, and multiple Chicago half’s downtown.  Miles and miles of flat here. (Source: frustrated trail runner).


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