First Day of Week (Read 500 times)


    I apologize if this feature exists and I've missed it. What I would like is the ability to change my first day of the week. My long runs sometime happen on Saturday and sometimes on Sunday, depending on my schedule. This leads to weekly summaries like the past two weeks where one week shows 28 miles and the other shows 44. I looks like I made a HUGE jump in my mileage, when really I ran week 1's long run on Sunday and week 2's on the following Saturday so that they fall in the same week on the summary. If I could make Monday my default week start day, this problem would be eliminated. Thanks. Keep up the great work on this site Chad
      Chad, You should check out the Options pages (upper right hand corner of every page). You can customize many aspects of your log, including the first day of the week. It is located in "Locale Settings". Let me know if you need further assistance. eric Smile

        Got it! Thanks, Chad