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    I wrote another RunningAhead gadget for Windows Vista's Sidebar. RunningAhead Stats I had been using joeostrander's gadget, but I wanted a couple of enhancements. I've written a few other gadgets, so rather than ask and wait for enhancements, I just wrote a new one myself. My gadget has the following features: - Displays distance totals, latest workouts, or PRs - Has a "View Log" link to open the current log summary in a browser - Can show multiple logs and/or stat types by using multiple gadget instances * - Clicking the workout links actually works when "Latest Workouts" stats are displayed ** - Title can be customized, which is nice when showing multiple logs - Rounded corners, so you're less likely to cut yourself. Wink Here's an image of four separate instances of the gadget in my sidebar. This way I can view my stats and workouts while also getting in a little log stalking. Info for the programmers among us: * I'm using the Gadget API for storing settings rather than using fixed locations in the registry. ** I'm not using body.onclick for "Refresh", so I'm not eating the clicks for the "Latest Workout" links.

      looks great Bill, much more professional. I better go fix my links now Smile ps... in case you're wondering, I used the reg to store data so that if you remove the gadget you won't have to re-enter user settings... quick & dirty Smile
        Now thats cool -- but how does someone me get it on my Vista Laptop???

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          My gadget stopped working this afternoon.  Anyone else still use this? And if you do, is it still working for you?

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