Needed recovery time after a big race / A "Reverse" injury? (Read 302 times)

        I ran a 50K race on Saturday...   This was my biggest race yet as I have only run 2 full marathons prior, and also my longest practice run  without stopping to walk was 19 miles prior to this day.   Also, I have only been running less than 2 years, so I don't have a long history of running.  That said, my goal was in the range of 6 hrs, 30 minutes, but I finished in 5:50, which felt great to get a sub-6 on my first attempt :-)  I was able to maintain a pace which allowed me to run (well, jog) for the entire 31 miles.


       Now to the question #1:  I have lingering deep soreness (Not bad, but noticeable), and feel weak when I try to jog, as if the energy is not there.  After a mile or two, I get more in the groove, but I feel like I am running on tree trunks. (Petrified trees, at that!)   So to you veteran runners who can think back to your first 50K or long runs, how long can I expect this weakness / soreness / fatigue to last?  How long does it take for the muscles to 'rebuild" as it were and for one to be back at 100%? 




        And question #2 pertains to what I can only call a "reverse injury"!  To explain, I have a pain in the middle of my thigh muscle.  Feels like a dull pain, but results in me walking with a slight bit of a limp, and running with a slight limp for the first mile or so.  I had this prior to the 50K race as well for at least 2 weeks before.  I call it a reverse injury because when I run, it seems to fix it.   I loosen up, get in the groove, and mile, 3, 4, 5 I have no problem, no limp, no issue at all.  Even in the 50K i was limping slightly at the start even when walking prior to race start.  I was worried actually.  But by mile 2 all the way to 31, no issues at all.  The day after the 50K, no problems.  I took it real easy the couple days after the 50K with only a couple very short easy, slow runs.  But the longer I go without running, the more the problem seems to appear.  I have not run in 24 hours and this 'limp' and slight dull pain in the middle of my thigh muscle grows more prevalent throughout the day.  I am sure when I run a couple easy miles this evening, the limp will go away again, only to reappear tomorrow sometime again.  Seems more running fixes it, but rest allows it to reappear?! 




       Any opinions appreciated on the expected full recovery time for a relatively new runner at a new maximum didstance such as this 50K was would be appreciated, along with any comments if anyone has had this kind of slight injury that seems to better with running but worsen with resting? 


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      Re question 2 -- do some quick web searches for Grade 1 muscle strain.  One of the things that tells you a muscle strain is grade 1 (lowest on 1-3 scale) is that symptoms resolve with light exercise and use.

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        Kris, I'm no help on your questions, just wanted to say great job!!  I saw you but didn't get a chance to say hi, I was working the timing gear at the finish line.


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          It's normal.  Expect a couple weeks for good recovery.  Just do short, easy runs in the meantime, i.e. 30 minute 5Ks.  Maybe run every other day until New Year's.  You've worked pretty hard and your body probably needs a break way more than it needs training towards the next race.


          If you have never had a deep tissue massage, now is a good time.  If there is something weird going on in that quad, a good therapist will find it.

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            I think it could take a month to recover from a 50k race.


            This is not the time to be pushing yourself

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                That grade 1 strain seems to be accurate and what I probably do have.  I've been running daily still, but very easy and a very slow pace.  Just to get the blood flowing and etc.   I should expect to be sore after such a long race, but guess it is that underlying running drive that wants to have me get up and run a 10+ mile long run a couple days after. 


                Dave, Thanks man :-)  Was a great race!  I didn't see ya there...  Well, I was so exhausted by the time I finished that I wasn't paying attention to anyone, I was super tired! 

                 I see you are doing the Tidewater Distance series, this will be my 3rd year doing that, but I will be trying the 20-25-30K series this year for the first time and will be at the Shamrock doing the full this yr.   Oh, and the "Beat the ball" 5K, I'll be there as well. That was a nice race last year in its' inagural year.



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