Back on the running wagon.. (Read 125 times)


    Not sure if I'm back on the wagon or I fell of the wagon, guess it depends on how you look at it...


    I'am a recovering addicted runner who is back running again. I say recovering as a joke because about 2 years ago I was running 17:00 flat in the 5k and just decided I needed a break. I quit in top peak shape and didnt run another step.  it was going to be a break in training and I never started back up again.  I went from 162 lb to about 204lbs and decided 2 weeks ago to get running again. I ran about 17 miles the first  week and about 20 this past week. Anyway, it feels good to be back running again and the weight loss has begun. Im down to 195 and feeling good. I'm running and not timing anything yet. Just gotta get the miles in and weight down. I'm a few years older and we will see how it goes.

    running metalhead

      Hi! Welcome back Smile

      Well, 2 years aren't exactly "many years" so that I don't think it will get you too long to get back in shape.


      Regarding weight gain: it's horrible how fast one adds up fat and weight during a break. I stopped for a few months and won almost 5kg (that's some 10-ish pounds). Of course: You have the same hunger as before, LOL.


      But well, as I already said: Welcome back !

      When I run I feel like a swallow

      Because you are free like a bird?

      Nope, because of all the flies I eat.