Projected Runs (Read 623 times)

    Someone will have to let me know when I've hit my suggestion limit, because I just found something that I could really use. I'm trying to plan out my year (I have a marathon in October) and want to plan out my long runs, so that I make sure I'm not increasing my mileage to quickly or slowly, also so that I know I am able to taper at the right time. I was going to just log future runs, but then I realized that it messed up my weekly, monthly current mileage to date. So maybe something where you can put in fake projected runs that don't affect your real current mileage, but will show up on the calendar so that you can plan for an event like a half or full marathon. Thanks for listening.
      Nate, I would probably be the next thing for me to work on after I'm done with GPS import. What you're asking for is a training plan. I've been thinking about how to do this for over a year now and I still haven't a clue. Just like GPS import, I'll have a better idea once I start work on it, which should be soon. eric Smile