can someone with hip replacement run? (Read 4488 times)

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    I've had enough time in the OR....we'll see what doc says....
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      I had bilateral hip replacement in 2002 due to degenerative arthritis (born with hip displasia and in the 50s in Cookeville, TN, they did not do anything about this). At the time, I had quit my job to run competitively. It devastated me. The surgeon told me I could run about 10 mile per week if I stayed skinny. I believed him. I became so depressed over not being able to run competitively anymore, I almost chose to end my life. At the brink of harms way, I made a decision to train anyway. I think it's called calculated risk. I have never looked back. My surgeon sees me every year for an xray. He says it's "voodoo medicine" and he doesn't really know how long they will last with me running 60-70 miles per week. I do not care. The quality of my life is more important than revision surgery. 1. Get a really good surgeon (do your homework). It is absolutely crucial that they fit. Make sure he does millions of hips a year. 2. Lose weight. The lighter you are, the less wear on the hips. 3. Do the lions share of your training on the treadmill. It's flat and soft and LEVEL. 4. Start back slowly. You've got all the time in the world to get back to it. 5. Do ALL the rehab you are instructed to do. Don't cut any corners. 6. NEW SHOES when you are supposed to get them. Use Running Ahead to log miles on your shoes. At 300 miles, get new shoes. 7. Xrays every year whether your surgeon says to or not. Check your wear and tear. email me at asbarrow@bellsouth.net; watch for March issue of Running Times for more of the story Peach, I emailed you personally. Please feel free to email any time you want. I am recently graduated from nursing school and know a little bit about prednisone and organ replacement.

      Cause I CAN

        I am little now...no need to lose weight, probably should gain some! Anyway I e-mailed you the whole story
        Liver Transplant - July 2, 1991
          in Cookeville, TN
          Hey, that's my area! Monterey here! (Well, Indiana now)
            I have nothing to add here except to say that this thread inspires me.

            Runners run.

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              I have nothing to add here except to say that this thread inspires me.
              thanks...cant wait till Tuesday for MRI...wish me luck!
              Liver Transplant - July 2, 1991

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                I have nothing to add here except to say that this thread inspires me.
                Me too. Oh, and this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilma_Rudolph
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                  I've read many message boards about running after hip replacement with conflicting reports.  So, I decided to tell me story in hopes that people that love running who have had hip replacement can see how others do.  If you have had replacement surgery   please shares your experiences so I can learn as well. 



                  I had bilateral hip replacement back in 1998 and this year I decided to run distances again.  This year, thru May 27, 2010, I’ve run 400 miles, I ran the ING ½ marathon and currently training for the Peachtree while still maintaining long runs on weekends.  I WILL run the Space Coast marathon in November.  If you are interested in reading more about my story go to www.ChristianMilers.org and select the "Distance Running after Bilateral Hip Replacement" link on the right hand column under the "Recent post" heading.

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                    I have nothing to add here except to say that this thread inspires me.

                    And I was in a bad mood because I had to take a few days off. I am worthless and whiny.

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                        If it's a "hip lawyer" you want, look no further than Nader.

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                          There's an older guy I run with on occasion who has had both hips replaced.  He still runs (I think marathons too).  He used to be a 2:30 or faster marathoner, back in the day, but now he's quite a bit slower, but still doing it.  FWIW. 


                          I don't know any of his details relating to the hips, other than he had them replaced.  

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                            Yo can still run, our neighbor here has had a double hip implant and does running 3-4 days a week. She's in a good fit. Don't worry to much about it.



                            Good Luck! Wink