Black Toenails - Am I going to lose the nail? (Read 2072 times)

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    prince J you beat me to the avatar update...just lost two more this weekend at PF CHANG RNR MArathon. BADGES OF HONOR!!! Black eye
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      I've had one black toenail and I ended up losing it a few weeks later. Dead
        just lost two more this weekend at PF CHANG RNR MArathon.
        I got another one there, but on the 1/2 Marathon... Confused
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          If they do hurt, then a hot pin can poke a hole through the top to relieve some pressure and drain the fluid out.
          My black toenail hurts. How bad does poking a hot pin through your nail hurt?
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            Trent just had to ask for pictures. Ugh. I hate feet.
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              I lost my toenail after my first marathon. It turned black and took about 2 months before it fell off. It required that I tape it down so it wouldn't get caught on socks or clothing. After about a year it grew back. Then, after running Miami last week, it happened again, with both big toes. A few days after the race I jammed my left toe under the bathroom sink and the blood seeped out, so no black toe! I know that I'll eventually lose it, but that's part of running. BTW, I was wearing broken in shoes and did nothing different during this last marathon. Sometimes it just happens.




                  I had two as well. It took a while for them to grow back nicely. They didn't fall off, but just new nails grew back and I trimmed the old black ones gradually. Shoes, mileage and my running form all contributed I think.

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                    My black toenail from six years ago has grown back.


                      I've had several black toenails but never lost any, just usually the new nail grew in on top.

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