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    Can anyone share when they noticed the lbs dropping off??? I just hit 20 MPW for the second week in a row. Feeling good!! Trying not to push it too fast becasue I was hit with a knee injury that sidelined me in the past. I notice I'm feeling better, and times are gradually decreasing. Also, noticing clothes are fitting a bit more loosely. Just wondering if anyone who began running to loose excess bodyfat noticed an excelleration when the hit a certain weekly mileage? Dave

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      Hi Dave, It really doesn't matters how many miles a week you run. To lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit. Look at the guys in the 2000 Mile Club who are running 40,50,60,... miles a week and most are not losing weight, because they eat enough to balance what they burn...
        I started running to lose weight as well and like you have been noticing significant increases in my health and happiness. I stopped watching the scales because even though all my clothes are growing and you can actually see a big change in my body I haven't actually lost much weght. My lean muscle mass has increased enough to counter the fat loss. I know I'm healthier and look better so why worry about the scale. Okay I still peak now again.

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          Keep up the good work! If those times are coming down, you know you're getting healthier. Weight by itself it not a great indicator of improvement, because many things can complicate your measurements (muscle vs fat, water weight, etc). Focus on building a healthy body, and your weight will take care of itself.
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