Weather Channel, you are silly (Read 850 times)


    What's the deal with the weather channel and weather.com naming winter storms like hurricanes.  Apparently we're up to some damn thing called "Freyr".


    Why on earth do we need to do this????


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      I don't think that it's just the Weather Channel doing that.  We already had a storm or two that were named and I didn't hear it there.  On the interwebs somewhere.


      But yeah, that's just dumb,


        Why the weather channel is naming winter storms...


        Just read this yesterday.  Seems like an insurance nightmare.

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          Actually, it does seem to be a weather channel thing.


          Here's their official statement.  Which also lets me know I missed Brutus.  Brutus.  Heh.


          And NWS no like.


          Prince of Fatness

            Actually, it does seem to be a weather channel thing.


            I stand corrected.  I don't watch them much.  Which means that other channels are tagging along with this whole thing.


            And good for the NWS, 'cause it's stupid.


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              It won't be long until winter storms usurp another key feature of tropical storms: the dreaded Cone of Uncertainty

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                Perhaps we should start naming comet topic threads?


                Ain't nobody's business if I do.

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                  Apparently TWC couldn't find a ridiculous name that started with the letter Q.

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                    Apparently TWC couldn't find a ridiculous name that started with the letter Q.


                        Absolutely.  I mean if a storm can be called "Freyr" (WTF is that?!), then certainly a storm could be called "Querty", or I could list a whole bunch of "Q" names.  (Scrabble player, yes I am, on occasion....)


                        I am personally a huge weather buff, in my young years when the named storms were coming (In the summer of course in the good old days), I was driving towards them when everyone else was driving away.  But TWC has indeed taken it too far by naming winter storms, in my opinion.   Not to mention the "TorCon" Risk (TWC) and the "RealFeel" Temperature (AccuWeather.com) and all these other ridiculous things that guys are inventing so they can say they were the guy who came up with the fabulous idea. (TM Restricted).   Next thing you know, they will be naming each of the worst of the Tornadoes.  (When they get to "k", might as well use my name.) :-)


                         It is bad enough that the Weather Channel has been converted to "Drama in Real Life" for about 21 hours out of the day.  No weather radars or forecasts to be found.  But even worse that on the 3 hours or so that they actually do weather, it is more about what the twitter weather trends are (I have touched on this before), and that every guy on TWC is trying to copyright his own torcon thing, or winter storm thing, or etc.


                    Actually, forget naming a Tornado after me, how bout a lightning strike?  Or maybe a long, sucky, cold rain....  :-D

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                      FWIW, they skip Q for hurricane names too.  But oddly not X (edit: in the pacific.  They do skip X in the atlantic).


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                        I barely survived the clutches of Winter Storm Caesar and Winter Storm Draco. I think it's nice that I can curse at a particular name and focus my anger and frustration during our blizzards. Shaking my fists at god was getting tiring, and it just seems like overkill to me.


                        I'm attempting to save up all of my laughter for the inevitable 'YOU SHALL NOT PASS!' jokes during Winter Storm Gandolf (and yes, geeks, I know it's supposed to be Gandalf). It's gonna be hilarious for the first couple of hundred times I hear it.


                        The jokes will also write themselves during Winter Storm Khan, but I think they missed an opportunity by using Nemo for 'N'. Personally, I would've gone with Newman.

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                          It's snowing here now.  I'm going to name this little storm Gertrude.

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                              If the Weather Channel used the same name for every storm they could save a lot of money on programming?

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                                TWC was TLC'd years ago. It's the weather version of Honey Boo Boo. But somebody must be watching it.