What is your morning run routine? (Read 1410 times)

I've got a fever...

    ...no one seems to mention anything related with stretching or warm up exercises. Aren't those somehow important?. As I said, I am kind of new here (Actually just walking right now), and I'd like to know if stretching is important.
    Running slow at the beginning is my warm-up. I just take it real easy the first few miles. Stretching before running is a no-no, unless you've done something else to warm-up. Cold Stretching = Injury. I only stretch after I run.

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      I am new to running but never felt like I had effective workouts in the morning back when I used to work out a lot. First of all, when I work out, I like to sweat. Can't sweat much in the morning because I'm dehydrated. So it doesn't feel like I'm working hard. I used to love working out in my garage when it was like 100 degrees in there and I was sweating up a storm. Generally, I don't sweat very easily though. My shirt doesn't really show any sweat until after 2 miles of running. My best time to work out/run is about 5pm. Right when I get home from work. There is NOTHING better than a great workout or run to bleed out any stresses that build up during the day. To me, the only activity worth getting up at 4am for is G-O-L-F !!!!!
        Running slow at the beginning is my warm-up. I just take it real easy the first few miles. ...I only stretch after I run.
        I do the same thing....First mile is around a 10:00 pace usually, then I knock it up a bit for the next miles...I stretch afterwards as well...
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          I ran evenings for 11 years and switched to mornings a couple years ago. At first, I'd have to get up 2 hours before heading out to run just to get "woke up and oriented". I've got it down to about 30-45 minutes now. I don't eat before I go but my mid week runs are only 6-9 miles. All in all, I like it even though it's been somewhat of a challenge. Winter of course, is far worse than summer. It's hard to get out of a warm bed and head out into 25° weather to run.
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