Green smoothies (Read 343 times)

Oh roo roooo!

    Green smoothies rule!  I throw the following (or some variation) in my vitamix daily:

    Slightly off topic, but I gotta know--what is the deal w/these Vitamix thingies?  Ads claim they will do everything but clean your house and change the oil in your car.  How do you like it?  Was it worth the $$?


      There are nutritionists that believe getting your nutrients in liquid form is beneficial, as it is absorbed by the body faster than eaten.  So for athletes, that means going to repair your muscles quicker.  I'm not saying it is the only way to go or even the best, but I understand their argument. 
      I love green smoothies, but I have a thing about it having to have a mint taste to it Smile.  I actually started making them on St. Patricks day last year and haven't stopped.  My go-to green smoothie is banana, almond milk, a small spoonful of nut butter (almond, peanut, cashew), spinach, cocoa powder and fresh mint or mint extract.  I freeze my bananas so they act as the "ice".

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        Here is a food based, raw food based shake that has it all. Mix in some frozen strawberries if you want to get rid of "green" taste.


        "Raw Meal"


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          honeypig - Vitamix is da BOMB!!!  Seriously, they are freaking ridicously expensive, but worth every penny.  There isn't another appliance or thing in my house that I use more often or that has had a bigger impact on my health.  They're damn near indestructable, and you can prepare all sorts of meals/treats in them (heck, you can actually make hot soup in them - and they dont have any kind of heating element).


            Slightly off topic, but I gotta know--what is the deal w/these Vitamix thingies?  Ads claim they will do everything but clean your house and change the oil in your car.  How do you like it?  Was it worth the $$?


            Vitamix blenders are awesome! I don't own one, but I worked at a smoothie king for 3 years and got good use out of them there. Really awesome blenders, they clean up very easily and can take a serious beating! But I'm going to have to try this green smoothie thing, doesnt sound bad at all!

            Oh roo roooo!

              Thanks for the endorsements of the Vitamix, both of you.  Sounds like I may need to put this at the top of the list for next health/fitness-related investment to make.  Appreciate the info!

                I really love my green smoothies.  Here's my latest version:  almond milk, almond butter, honey, wheatgrass powder, protein powder, cinnamon, and 1-1 1/2 cups fruits of choice.  I've been using mango, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, banana, kiwi.  I cut up my fruit the night before and stick it in the freezer - no ice needed.


                  I  eat spinach salad everyday for lunch but I still make green smoothies now and then, first of all I love them, and besides, as was mentioned before there is a theory that nutrients are absorbed by the body faster in liquid form. I like to make them with aloe vera juice, in this article there are some instructions on how to make it at home from the leaves.

                    To juice Aloe Vera, could I just use my masticating juicer (auger type)? Seems like it would be a more effective and quicker way.

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                      I have been making smoothies (not just green) lately.  The main thing is to have a good mix of fruit AND vegetables.  Making a green smoothy with kale, spinach, & cucumbers isn't tasty to the palate.  I have a Blendtec that works pretty well.  Damn overpriced blenders.  My mom had an old Oster (sp?) that would go through about anything.

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                        i have a vitamix after having about 5 other blenders.  i use it almost daily; and just rinse it out and forget about it.  i am fairly simple in that i don't like complicated things at all (still figuring out how to turn on my tv!  don't judge!!)  lol.  and i have found the vitamix to be really great on all fronts.  hope this helps.  love.