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    Greetings All,


    I'm new to the forum but have a very important (to me) question.  I had a total hip replacement in 2010.   I was a VERY avid runner, but was advised, after the replacement to stop running completely.  I'm 45, in good shape, but miss running so much that it hurts. Smile

    I am going to another Ortho to get a second opinion (he specializes in Sports Medicine) but would love to see what others have experienced (for those who've had this replacement surgery).  Got to run again - don't really want to take "No" for an answer.  Two years without running is going to kill me Smile





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      One of the fastest female grandmasters runners in Tennessee has bilateral hip replacements. Bionics, methinks.


      Here is her story.


      Her RA profile.


      A thread of hers.


        Actually many had undergone surgery with THR and they successfully recover but other recipients will actually hard to recover. 

        I had been read a lot of articles and view discussions regarding depuy hip recall but mostly are complaining through suffering too much pain. 

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          One of the fastest female grandmasters runners in Tennessee has bilateral hip replacements. Bionics, methinks.


          Here is her story.


          Her RA profile.


          A thread of hers.

           She's absolutely remarkable  Smile


          I had back surgery 8 weeks ago, and not running has drove. me. nuts. I ran for a year in excruciating pain thinking my back / sciatica pain would just go away....had to have a cyst removed from my spine.


          She gives me hope that my best running days are ahead of me (53 years old)

          Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!


            I suggest you talk to that doctor you mentioned. It wouldn't harm you if you take precautions before doing something that can ruin your life. There maybe possibilities that you can run again. Smile


              Hi everyone,

              My story is a little different as I have started running after hip replacement surgery and did not run a mile before it.

              I had hip resurfacing surgery in 2010 to treat my arthritis problems. My doctor recommended this because I'm relatively young  and it should suit an active lifestyle better. Recovery takes time, and for me it took almost a year to be confident with my new hip implant. The pain caused by arthritis stopped a few month after surgery and I was sure that I made the right decision and from this point my life will change into better. But something wasn't right, after a year, when I was comfortable with my implant the pain returned, along with the swelling. Went back to the doc asap to see what's going on. The MRI scans showed a small dislocation, but enough to put me back in pain, and my blood test also showed elevated metal levels. That was it for my "brand new implant", it had to be replaced. This time I also found out that I have one of the implants that just have been recalled in 2010, exactly like the one mentioned here. Man, I'm one unlucky dude to receive one of those in the year they recalled it. If I would have had that surgery just a few month later, it would have saved me from a lot of trouble. Let me continue my story. What followed was expected, another surgery and this time, I got a total hip replacement. And time went by and I recovered, completely I would say.

              I always wanted to run, but before surgery it was impossible because of the pain, after my first surgery I wanted to wait to fully recover, but then came the second surgery, so I did not postponed it any longer and 8 month after second surgery I started running. I consulted with the doctor and told that my implant is a cementless one, with metal on ceramic, and it should handle running, although he was worried about me running with it.

              Now I'm one and a half years after my second hip surgery and I'm running 10 miles a day and I'm feeling great.


              Basically running it shouldn't be a problem, even competitive running is possible. One thing to advise you is to ask your doctor about what type of implants you received and do some research if it is recommended for running, or at least will it last the stress you put on it.





                And, also I wish you the best with the running and I hope that you can get back to it.

                  I have hip ( socket pain ) and have been putting off going to the doctor.    I can't imagine having hip replacment, but have a feeling I will need it one day.  


                  Best of luck to you !  I hope you can run again soon.

                  - Anya

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                    Hi Jinky. I agree, there is so much contradictory advice out there amongst surgeons and other experts. I had a THR after major arthritis problems and cried when I was told I wouldn't be able to run again. I am running again and it breaks my heart to hear of others who can't. As I was telling someone else on the forum, a friend of mine got me a book that changed the way I looked at running and showed me how to run with a hip replacement. She got it off the Amazon website for me (thank you thank you thank you). It's called Running with a hip replacement. It disappeared for a while but is back again with a whole lot more stuff in it by the looks.
                    I feel for ya Jinky but don't give up!


                      I am 42yo, male and have been running for 11 yrs. I have been averaging about 4days/wk with 30-50km/week.


                      It has been a while I have been feeling some discomfort on my left side. First I thought it is muscle/tendon issue due to running in unbalanced surface, insufficient stretching, tight buttocks etc. But none of the things I have tried helped. Pain started to affect even if I am in my bed and moved in my groin area. This is when my wife decided I should see our family doctor.


                      Well, after a series of X-rays and Ultrasound, about a month ago, she said (the dr) I have a medium to severe stage of osteoarthritis in my left hip joint and my running days are over. I was referred to an Ortho Surgeon who confirmed this diagnosis  and said I would need an hip replacement sometime in future (but not now). I am cleared for cycling, swimming and walking of course.


                      So this is where I am now, a bit depressed and do not know what to do? I would like to know if there are therapies other than THR that can put me back to running, how long does it take to recuperate from the operation, pain situation, how are you guys feeling after the surgery is it totally pain-free and are there still restrictions, in terms of some moves etc.


                      I'd appreciate your responses.


                        Yes it's really feels hurt to stop the favorite things due to some reasons, I had a wrist surgery i love to go long drive but my doctor suggested me to don't go for long drive while driving wrist can get stress and the pain will comes back, so i stop that. My advise is consult your doctor and take a suggestion of your doctor

                          One of the fastest female grandmasters runners in Tennessee has bilateral hip replacements. Bionics, methinks.


                          Here is her story.


                          Her RA profile.


                          A thread of hers.



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                                ...what a great thread//............I'm 63 and HAD been running for 42-years,,,,,,,,,


                                managed to run

                                from ''Moderately Severe'' to ''SEVERE'' OA in both hips


                                have been PoolRunning for the last 5-years


                                (since Watching Paint Dry isn't considered Aerobic)



                                probably going to get the hip replaced in a couple more years (after retirement)


                                this is a very encouraging discussion to read



                                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....