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    Oh, and I vote Yes for a Long Haul user group.

      Kimber - You have no idea how relieved I am to see you....And when did you start tri training? OK guys, I am going to start a user group. I will let you know when it is set up.

        http://www.runningahead.com/groups/LongHaul And here is our user group......

          Looking for a check in from some of you guys....I know it's the holidays but sheesh.....

            I've been so friggin busy, I haven't even had time to check the forum. Calf is still sore so I'm still not running. I've been using the eliptical instead. I had been thinking of venturing into tri world for a few months but I don't have a bike. DH is buying me one for Christmas. So I got a coach and I'm off and running, so to speak. Smile juststarted, I continue with a few minor medication issues. I have an apt scheduled in February to see a different cardiologist. In the meantime, I'm adjusting them myself. Probably not the smartest thing to do but there is no point in me calling my current cardiologist. I would only end up seeing the damn nurse practitioner and I know more than she does! I tell her how I'm feeling, she looks it up on her laptop and then does what the computer tells her to do. Cookie-cutter cardiology. Treat everyone the same. Don't listen to the patient, don't treat them individually, just spew out the same information to everyone. Oh, and tell the patient the their swollen legs, 5 lb weight gain and shortness of breath are "normal". Tell them they just need to "move around more". Do you see why I won't go back there? Anyway, I'm moving along. I'm back to work. Not looking forward to the drama that occurs with all the step-children. Can we just skip Christmas? Ok, rant over. Roll eyes It's nice to have a place to come and say my piece. Hope everyone is well. I miss you guys.

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              My ankle is finally feeling pretty good today, so I'm going to head out tomorrow for a two-miler. I figure I'll work my way back up over the next two weeks and then pick up where I left off with Hal Higdon's Novice Supreme. Good to see we're all still movin'. Don

                You have no idea hoe happy I am to hear from you guys. Did you go and check out our user group?? Kimber- I am sorry you have to continue to go through this, but you will get it right and so will your Doctor. Hang in there you tri-athlete you. Don - Sorry to hear about your ankle, but glad it is starting to get better. Whew! I am glad to hear from y'all!

                  juststarted: I'm finally here again. I had bookmarked this site at work, and had to find it again here at home. I'm still nursing a cold and a sore shoulder, so I've mainly just been walking. I hope to restart at the New Year. I'll have to go check out the user groups. Vanessa

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                    Hmmm - I am from the c2k program - did I find the right sight? I can't seem to find the group when I search for LongHaul - I only find the forum. Thanks
                      I think they are still hanging at CR. Try this: http://community.active.com/thread/39849?start=105&tstart=0

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                        Hmmm - I am from the c2k program - did I find the right sight? I can't seem to find the group when I search for LongHaul - I only find the forum. Thanks
                        Yup, we are at CR over in the Newbie Cafe forum. Hope to see you there. Mike
                          Bounce The Long Haul is still missing Vanessa and Pinky. We are back at CR/Active and looking for you. Mike