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    So there is this area of my foot that has been killing me, its not quite my ankle but between my heel and arch below that big bump on your foot. Sorry thats the best I can describe. Anyways, It hurts to walk and run and I can barely walk unless I am wearing a wrap. I'm just curious as to what is there. Is it maybe a pulled or strained tendon? And what can I do tol make this less painful?
      I've struggled with pain in this area in the past but once I got new, better running shoes the pain subsided. For me it was caused by shoes that didn't support my high arch. My newer shoes have better arch support and are more snug at the heel, which helps to stabilize my ankles. You might want to look into getting better shoes. If the shoes aren't the issue you may want to have a doctor look at it. You don't want to keep running (or walking) on it if there is a serious problem.
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        Big bump? On top of foot or are you or side. Not sure what your talking about. ANyways if I were you I'd go to a sports doctor. Icing the area, elevating the foot (if there is any swelling) and using compression will help.

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          If I am reading your post right, I had the same problem once before. There is a tendon that runs in that area. This sounds silly, but it worked for me. Try putting a small band aide on it, then your running shoes and see if the pain goes way. You may also need an ankle wrap for a short while. If that helps, then you need to ice and stretch for a couple of weeks. If the band aide does not make any difference, then do as mentioned above, (see a doctor).

            I've been running for years. I've only just started to get ankle pain. I am running twice the distance nowadays and I also recently bought newer lightweight shoes. I think it's a combination of both. There's less support/cushioning in the new shoes, and I'm running for twice as long as previously therefore my body will need to adapt.