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    You MUST add a page to your site for shameless promotion!!! I love this site and I can imagine it becoming very popular. I just spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out who runs this site and the story behind it. For example, is it open source? Who pays for the hosting and maintenance? When did it start and who was involved? I did see a link to donate via paypal. Great idea! The site provides a great service to its subscribers, but I have a hard time giving money to an organization that I know absolutely nothing about.

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      This site is run, programmed, maintained, paid for, served, etc all by a selfless individual who has done so much to make our lives better. Shout out to Eric!!

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        Yay, Eric!!! Woot! Big grin k

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          I love this site!!!

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            Three Cheers for the E-man! HURRAY HURRAY HURRAH! Big grin
              Thanks guys! I don't deserve that much kudos. It's something I enjoy doing, and I'm just happy that you find it useful. As Trent said, I do most of the work with the site but I can't take all the credits. My friend spent countless hours of his own time to add the initial Google map on this site. Many of his ideas for the map such as dynamic elevation calculation are still unique to this site. Then there are the individual users that take it upon themselves to make this site successful. They helped me beta test, gave valuable feedbacks and suggestions, spreaded the word and drummed up interests in the forums. A website can only be as great as its users, and I got the best users! Thank you! I'm a software engineer by trade and training (with a couple of sheep skins to prove it). Like all engineers, I know I can build a better mouse trap, in this case, a better running log than what was available at the time. I wanted a log that can do more than just recording my runs. I want a log that's easy to use, and present data that make sense to me. I want the ability to search for specific runs instead of having to scroll through endless entries. I want to be able to create graphs to display the data visually. Initially, it ran on my home machine, and I was the only user. I kept adding new features and my friends thought it should be available to all runners. So, I moved the site to a web hosting company last year and here we are. It's still far from how I imagine it to be, but I'm working hard to get there. I suppose I can do a better job at promoting the site, but nothing is better than word of mouth. This site is about you, the runner. I have plans to convert it to an ad based site (I've been saying that for over a year now), and it would be nice if the site can support itself. If not, that's OK too because the best reward is knowing that it helped you to train better. eric Smile