What is your price limit for a 5k (day of registration) (Read 380 times)

    I thought about running a 5k this Saturday and I found three that are close.  All three are average 5ks, measured course, professionally (but not chip) time, shirt (if there are any left day of ) and a bit of food afterward.....basically your typical run of the mill 5k.  Two of them are $30 and the other is $40.  That makes both of them more than I want to spend, and so I'm just going to go to the track.


    It did make me wonder, however, am I just cheap?  I believe $25 is about as much as I would spend on a random 5k that had no special meaning to me.  Just curious, how does everyone else feel?  (Just to be clear I am talking about day of registration, I almost never per-register for a 5k)

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      I'd say $30 would be my upper limit, but only if I really, really wanted to race that weekend.

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        I paid $35 a few weeks ago, but I hadn't realized just how much it really was, and I already had it in my head I was racing so I did not want to back out of doing it.  It was just a small hometown race!  I wouldn't do that again. Probably $25 is my limit.

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          I'd say $30 would be my upper limit, but only if I really, really wanted to race that weekend.


          Same here, for a 5k.  I don't run many 5k/10k anyway but some 'causes' are close to my heart but I'm selective.  Between the two, I would rather run a 10k for $30, doesn't matter if I don't get a tech shirt or medal, most of those races (for me) is to gauge my training. .

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            Tewnty-five bucks for a 5K....Pppphhhhttttt!!!!    I'd rather run with a local group every week, and afterwards have pint for $2.00 and a plate of paste and salad for $5.00 afterwards.


            I've got enough race t-shirts, I don't need more...if it's a special race near and dear to my heart, I'll pay $25.00.  I usually save my race money for half marathons...and this fall a full marathon.

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              I think race fees are one of those things that are just higher in Canada Sad  For big races in Toronto the EARLY sign up fees are usually between $30-40 never mind day of!

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                It's quite a while since I paid anything for a 5k. Local parkrun is free and races for my club similarly (although I guess you have to pay the annual club membership fees - but that's not much).

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                  Yeah, $25 is about my limit, too... though I could be convinced to pay $30 if it was certified and chipped-


                  or if it included aforementioned plate of paste. Yum!

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                    There are 2 or 3 races just about every weekend of the year in my area (Virginia Beach, VA).  Almost all of them are 25.00 to 35.00 if you preregister, and race day registration is almost always set at $40.00.   For that you get a T-shirt and chip-timed race at most of the races.


                    Since money is not tight for me currently, I have no real issue spending 40 bucks for registration on race day.  Take into account also that I currently run 50+ races a year...

                    I imagine a big factor is income though.  10 years ago I was making a lot less.  So if I was running with my budget of 10 years ago, I would cut out alot of the races, and just run on my own for free instead most of the time.


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                      $30 for a race that's special. Plain ol' 5k, closer to $25. I can generally get a 10k in the $30-35 range, maybe $40 for my favorite nature center-supported race.


                      Actually, I rarely do 5k's and anything close to that distance is probably a fall xc for $5 for which I usually get a great course, many people that are slower than me, and a fun time. (this race series generally has more people in a race than any other races I do, reaching 1000 in recent yeras) Sometimes the course-setting is less than desirable resulting in traffic jams, but,hey, I got introduced to a different trail system.

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                        Speaking of price limits:

                        Do any of you set a race budget for year?  If so, what is it and does it include additional costs (hotel, airfair, etc...)?

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                          $30 is tops for me and only if there's something appealing about the race, a particularly flat, fast course, supporting a charity I have a special interest in, meeting with a bunch of friends at the race...  Unfortunately entries fee have been rising in the area and $30 is becoming more typical rather than the high end.

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                            I really have no idea what I pay for races but $25/$30 for a 5K seems about right for a good sized event.  $40 seems high but if it were a race I really wanted to do and I could figure out why it's more expensive (cool race swag, downtown location), I'd probably pay it.  One of the cool things about running is that it can be done as cheap or expensive as you want to do it.

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                              Speaking of price limits:

                              Do any of you set a race budget for year?  If so, what is it and does it include additional costs (hotel, airfair, etc...)?


                              Not really, but I don't do any of the really big, expensive, thousands-of-people races.  The years I did travel to races and did a few marathons and halves, I'd stick to one big race in the spring, and one big race in the fall.  My friend and I would try to keep them within 6 hours of home so we didn't have to fly, and we'd share a hotel room to defray the cost.

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                                I'd say $30 would be my upper limit, but only if I really, really wanted to race that weekend.


                                $30 is definitely my upper limit for a decent 5K.....there are three or so really good 5K's throughout the year here that are $30, but really good races, lots of food, drink and a live band and the bulk of the left over money is donated to a good local cause, so I don't mind.     More than $30 - NO WAY no matter what (unless UTA PIPPIG would run with me and hang out with me afterwards).

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