Phantom Training Plan (Read 293 times)


    I created a training plan, then deleted it. I deleted it because I was having trouble editing the start date on it, so I was unable to push it out into the future so it wouldn't show up on my log. 


    Now that deleted training plan is showing up on my log as future workouts and I have not way to delete it because the original training plan does not appear on my training plan page.


    Any ideas of how to troubleshoot this?


      I looked at your plans and everything seemed ok.  You have only one plan active, which is the "Marathon" plan.  The planned entries matched those in your calendar.  Could you tell me what I should be looking at?


      eric Smile


        Um. Yeah. User error! RA is solid as a rock, as usual. 


        Carry on! Smile

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          Oh, I thought this was going to be a question on how to train for one of the virtual events I keep seeing advertised.  Wink

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