Mobile Ultrasound device - any good? (Read 284 times)

    Has anyone used those mobile Ultrasound devices that you can find on the web for $200 or less? I'm considering, but don't want to put any money down until I have serious testimonials other than on their website (which are of course for genuine satisfied customers  Wink) Thought it could be useful for a few issues I have (achilles tendonitis / heel pain, for instance)

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      I've never even heard of such a thing. I'm guessing you mean therapeutic and not diagnostic. I'd be worried that you could cause tissue damage from using it improperly unless you were trained in how to adjust the settings using the ALARA priciple  Ultrasound can cause heating of the tissue if not used properly. I'm familiar withdiagnostic ultrasound, but I'm assuming these same issues would be present with therapeutic us also. 

        Mendmeshop.com has a portable ultrasound device.  They are moderate to higher intensity sound waves. Higher intensity is not always better. You use for around 8-10 min on a tendon, ligament or muscle. Use a lot of gel and some pressure and go in circles. Holding it there can cause tissue damage. I have used these. I like the massage part as much as the ultrasound itself. I think they can provide benefit for scar tissue and injured area when used in moderation. 

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          I have one from Mendmeshop, and I love it. It works well on many kinds of aches and pains that are not put under control by anything else. I used it for my arthritic/trigger thumb, and it made it much better. I have to keep using it every once in a while again (like, two or three weeks of using it, then take a break for several weeks) to maintain the results.


          I have also used it on rolled ankles (after the acute injury had healed off, about 1-2 weeks after injury), hurting knees, painful achilles, foot pain, and such. I think it is well worth the money.

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