Thigh sleeves do they help or hurt? (Read 431 times)


    I had a bad hamstring pull about a year ago that has took me eight or nine months to recover from.  I think it is okay now although it does feel a little tight after a run.  Since it is a bit chilly up here in Minnesota, I have been wearing a thigh sleeve, either a fabric one by Zensah or a neoprene one on most of my runs this winter, in part to support the hamstring but mostly to keep it warm.  I am just wondering if wearing this extra support most of the time will do good or do harm.  Would wearing a sleeve on most of my runs end up making my hamstring dependent on the extra support and end up weakening it?  As I mentioned I am wearing the sleeve mostly to keep my leg warm and so I don't intend to use one once the weather warms up up here, although that may not be until May.  What do you think?


      Support doesn't give you any more strength. Your hamstring still needs to put in the effort to contract. I don't see how it can do any harm. I wear compression tights sometimes on winter runs and I don't notice any real difference, other than they are a bear to get into.