iPhone app for weights? (Read 297 times)

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    Hey there runners!


    As of Friday I am the proud owner of a brand spanking new iPhone (it's my first smartphone). Does anyone have a really good app for non-running exercise? (Obviously I'm still using RA for all my running technology needs.) I'm looking for something track mainly weightlifting and core stuff, eg, I did X reps with Y weight on Z date, or I held a plank for Q minutes or whatever. Free is great, cheap is good. There seem to be one million "fitness" apps so I figured I'd ask the experts before diving right in.



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      I use Fitness Builder (http://www.fitnessbuilder.com/) to track my strength workouts.  It includes a large library of individual exercises plus a bunch of pre-created workouts that you can use based on what you are trying to accomplish.  It also includes a workout builder so you can build your own workouts from the library of exercises.  It allows you to track weight/reps and keeps a history so you can easily look back and see what you did last time.


      Been using it for a few years now with no problems.


      Happy running!