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    How do I get handy runner app to connect to a gps satellite?


      It should do it automatically.  Do you have your GPS turned on in you phone settings?


        I tried it 3 times and only got it to connect 1 time.  I just bought the phone (HTC Thunderbolt) on Friday.  Maybe the phone or Handy Runner needs a firmware tweak.  


          What versions are you using?  (Both of the Thunderbolt and Handy Runner)


            I just got the Samsung Charge last week and this is the frist time I've ever used GPS. I had to select both Google location services and Standalone GPS services (neither of which costs anything to use). I don't use Verizon (VZW) location services since that costs extra to use. Not sure what your wireless service requires. But all the same, I have to stand still for a minute or so before I actually start my run and check the little green satellite button at the bottom of the screen to make sure it's green, allowing  the satellite to "find" me.

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              My android version is 2.2.1 and my Handy Runner version is 1.1.2


                I uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it the next day.  I had been turning my GPS off to conserve my battery but have left it on since i reinstalled the app.  Now when I start the app, I hit menu and refresh.  It doesn't take very long before it connects with the satellites and I can run and/or walk.


                I noticed today that the run I mapped with the internet mapping tool is .07 miles shorter than what the android app said it was.  I also wasn't sure if the timing function was accurate.  I thought that the stop watch I was using was about 15 seconds faster than the android app function.  I went for a walk later and they were very close in times.  I might have misread my stopwatch before I reset it.


                Would the "bouncing" around when I jog have any effect on the phone?


                All and all, I am very satisfied with the application and would recommend it to everyone.


                  The GPS in your phone is not as accurate as you'd like it to be.  Sampling errors add up.  Additionally, you might not have taken the turns and curves exactly like the mapping software (or really the database behind it) considers those turns and curves.  Perhaps you took a slightly longer route.  This adds up over many curves and turns.