Polar RS100 (Read 656 times)

Marquess of Utopia

    Does anyone use a Polar RS100; I'm looking for a basic HRM with stopwatch lap memory recall. So I don't have to wear my watch to record and recall laps and wear a seperate HRM.

      I bought the RS100 early this year and used it until I got a Garmin 305. I liked it as a basic HRM with lap feature. The only thing I did not like is that it only saves 1 workout at a time, so in order to log my workouts I would need to write them down before I used it again. If you don't need that functionality, then it is just fine.

      Marquess of Utopia

        Thanks, With everyone switching to the Garmin 305 I should see if I can find a used HRM.
          I echo Diego's comments. I also have the RS100. It is a decent HRM with stopwatch lap memory recall. In hindsight, I think a Garmin 205 (no HRM) or 305 (w/HRM) would best serve my needs, but for what you've described it will get the job done. Hope this helps?