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    I have a training plan entered into my calendar.  I am starting a new training plan and there is some overlap with the last week or so of my old plan.  I want to save the old plan in case I want to use it again in the future, but I don't want duplicate workouts showing up on my calendar.  Is there a way to turn "off" the old plan without deleting or editing it?  I know I could edit the last couple of weeks and remove the workouts, but then they won't be saved in the plan if I want to use it in the future, right?


      You can't turn off training plans because presumably, you created the plan because you want to use it.  The plan documents what you'll be doing.  If you won't be doing it, the only option is to delete that portion of the plan.  At least that's the logic behind its functionality.  In the future, as I add more features to it, I might modify this behavior.


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        What I do to use a plan in the future is create one in the past, then copy it to when I want it.  It's a bit tweaky how to get the start / finish dates correct (I never know whether to change the finish date or the number of weeks -- I think, been a while since I copied one), but it is doable.


        So I created a pristine plan for a year ago, and keep copying to the current timing for the current plan.  In the current plan, I change it as necessary for conflicts, etc, and it doesn't delete the original one.


        So in your case, you can copy your old plan to make it even older, then delete the few weeks of overlap.

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