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    side stitches...(Is that what their called). I'm generally a treadmill runner, running about 25 per week, split into 4 sessions. I don't go very fast...about 9:15 min miles. I hydrate well during the day and don't eat within a 2 hour window of running. It has only happen twice but I can't stand it. Yesterday my goal was 9:30 min miles for 10 miles. However I ended up with 10:15 min miles for 9 miles because it was hurting so bad. I'm good at keeping my breathing regulated...Yesterday though, in order to make it that far I had to yoga breathe the whole time! I don't talk, sing, stop, whatever...to keep a steady pace. I don't want it to happen again... thanks
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      Usually side stitches are related to breathing, from my personal experience. When I first started running, I used to focus on keeping my breathing on my pace. In for two, out for one, pause for one. One two three four, one two three four.
        I always heard it was a breathing thing, too. Although I'm pulling this from ancient memories of junior high coaches, so since it's hearsay from like 1984 - take it for what it's worth. Smile If I remember right, it's something about your diaphragm. I think proper breathing is more from your diaphragm, from your gut, rather than from your chest and lungs ... and if you do that, you'll avoid cramps or stitches, for the most part. I do remember a trick to fix it, though, and I know it works because I use it once in a while. If you get bad side cramps/stitches, if you breathe hard against resistance they'll go away. Or at least they do for me. To do it, breathe in, then breathe out against hard resistance ... which means you have to make a weird kind of rasping, grunting noise. You'll feel your diaphragm working overtime when you do it. Works for me. Of course, you'll also sound like an elephant seal during mating season. Wink
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          Of course, you'll also sound like an elephant seal during mating season. Wink
          Or an oversized monkey perhaps......
            I sometimes get side stitches when I'm running too fast. Here are some tricks I use to fix them: 1- You usually have a breathing rythm where you exhale when your right foot (or left foot) strikes the ground. Try switching the pattern so that you exhale when the other foot strikes the ground. 2- While running, contract your abdominal muscles tight and bend slightly towards where the stitch is. 3- Change your pace. Slowing down the pace until the stitch goes away. Sometimes, accelerating does the trick, but that happens rarely because I usually have them when I'm running too fast (under 7min/mile) and accelerating is not an option. Hope it helps!

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              I rarely get them...mostly just when I run with other people and try to talk while running (and they seem to let up when someone else is talking and I'm listening). So I agree with the breathing theory. k

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