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    All -

    Here is my situation:


    I'm a 33 year old man. Although I ran distance track in high school (never all that successfully), in college and after I focused on contact sports (both team and individual) for fitness. About 18 months ago, my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world, and my workouts  (even then only 1-3 times a week) largely fell by the wayside -- particularly since my wife was not a fan of my workout invovling head trauma now that a tiny human relies on me.


    To encourage me to get back in shape, my wife has bet a no-family-obligations weekend in Las Vegas with my buddies if I can complete a local 10K over a pretty flat course in under 55 minutes on June 8.  I am only now starting to train consistently.and am trying to figure out a training schedule to give me my best shot at success.


    As a baseline, I ran 3.25 miles this evening at a 9:30 mile pace over a fairly hilly course, though nothing I would describe as brutally challenging  At the end of the run, I was tired, but far from on my last legs. I ran the same course in similar time Sunday evening, without too much soreness.


    My question is how to structure my workout to increase distance while trying to improve my times as well.  I have never run more than 5 miles before, though I feel confident that even now I could probably push through the distance and finish the 10K if the race was tomorrow (though obviously not within the time allotted).


    As a practical matter, I can commit to running for 45-60 minutes 3-4 times a week, with longer runs on the weekend.  Any thoughts for how I should proceed?  I'm certainly motivated...


    Thanks in advance.

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      There is not much to say that can help you with a race less than 3 weeks away, other than run as often as you can between now and then and don't worry about how fast you are going.  Killing yourself out there every day will hurt you more than help.  Running is a patience sport .


      Congrats on becoming a dad.  Stick with the running and by fall you will be amazed with your progress.  Consider June 8th only a baseline test.

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        How did you get your wife to agree to letting you go to Vegas after completing a 10k?!?  A Vegas trip as a reward for running...that is one awesome spouse.  As Spaniel said, just run easy miles for now to get your body used to the impact and then just give em hell on race day.  You realize that if you fail, you fail men everywhere who would love that opportunity.

          Run the race in 55:01 so you get to be with your kid. There's nothing better.