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    Does anyone else suffer from endurance-induced migraines? I'm training for a marathon and having such a hard time with migraines. Everytime my long run gets longer or do a 5k where I really push myself, I'm destroyed for the rest of the day. I end up having to take triptans, which slow my running down for the following two days after also. I refuse to give up and wish there was something I could do. My neurologist suggested taking aspirin before running, but it hasn't given me much relief. Just wondering if anyone has a similar situation... Thanks!
      I've suffered from migraines my whole life. Thank goodness they haven't been frequent, but when I get one, they really hit me hard. Dead I have had a few migraines triggered by exercise - it is actually a known trigger: <http:> I have never used a triptan, my remedy is Advil liqui-caps 2-3 caps immediately (I see funny lights called an aura) then I lie down in a dark room. The headache goes away although I feel a bit woozy but not bad enough that I couldn't get on with my day. Hope you get relief.</http:>

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        I get them during long runs-my triggers seem to be existing sinus pressure and hunger (or at least eating and a decongestant makes the migraine go away w/in an hour)...my last one was on a 14 miler out and back run...got the migraine at mile 7-ran in pain and puking for the 7 miles home (it hurt just as bad to walk, so I figured at least if I was running I would make it home sooner!). Every body has a different trigger I think-but if I find I have severe sinus pressure before a run-I will take a decongestant with me on my run just in case (my neti pot cures it most days though). I also have realized I get the visual aura about an hour before the severe pain sets in-that's when I take the decongestant and thankfully the pain never comes...

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          As I mentioned in the link Trent provided, I've found that mine are due to dehydration. Do you keep a headache log? I started one to help me pinpoint some of my triggers and by eliminating a lot of them, I've really been able to manage them better.



            http://runningahead.com/forums/post/91145bce5d6d49e1bbf0518e93968a74 Drink a Coke after your next hard workout. See what happens.
            Will Diet Coke do the same or is the sugar part of the solution? This is interesting. I've had visual aura's but didn't realize I was also getting other indicators as well. caffeine and Ibuprofen seems to help me a little, so I'm wondering if mine are caused by over hydration.
              Yes~I do! This make me feel a little better, because I was afraid there was something wrong with me! I noticed though that I get the headaches when the weather is really hot or I push myself really hard. I considered going to a neurologist, but my regular doctor advised against it. All that I have heard from any website, doctor, or other information source is that it is caused by dehydration. One good thing that I have found that works is any kind of energy gel, and a powder with endurolytes that you can mix in your water. I particulary like the taste of Hammer gel, and I eat a gel before a workout and take an extra one for the road if I know I am going to be pushing it hard that day. I have found these two things really help alot.

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                Fluid + Caffeine + Sugar + Carbonation = what ya need.
                  I found lots of water, or diluted sports drink and regular trips to a chiropractor seem to help.